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Mrs. Catherine Burge and Mrs. Ally Neelis, Mrs. Carmen Davis, and Mrs. Recinda Theriot’s classes spent April 11th participating in the Special Olympics at Picayune High School! The classes competed in several athletic events, such as a wheelchair race, a tennis ball/softball ball throw, and a long jump. Each member got to play in two events. This was a truly unforgettable experience for the students, and they had a lot of fun! A special thank you to Davis Lawn Care for paying for the class buddy shirts!

Catherine and Ally’s Class

Rodslyn: 50m  dash-2nd, Tennis Ball throw-2nd

Gemma: 50m dash-1st, Tennis Ball throw-1st

Tripp: 50m dash-3rd, Tennis Ball throw-3rd

Cheyenne: 100m dash 1st, Tennis Ball throw-1st 

Dawson: 100m dash-3rd, Tennis Ball throw-3rd

Kaidan: Tennis Ball throw- 2nd 

Thomas: 100m dash-2nd, Tennis Ball throw-2nd

Logan: 100m dash- 2nd, Tennis Ball throw-2nd 

Jason: 100m dash-1st, Tennis Ball throw-2nd

Sydni: 100m dash- 1st, Softball Throw- 2nd 

Trystan: 100m dash- 1st, Tennis Ball throw-1st

Zachary: 100m dash-2nd, Tennis Ball throw-2nd

Carmen’s Class

Demetrius: 100-meter dash-1st, Long jump-1st

Maven: 50m dash- 1st, Tennis Ball throw-2nd

Elizabeth: 100m dash- 3rd, Tennis Ball throw- 2nd

Elijah: 10m dash – 2nd, Long jump-3rd

Z: Wheelchair race- 1st, Bean Bag Toss- 2nd

Recinda’s Class

AJ: 100m Walk- 2nd

Dixie: 50m Dash- 1st, Softball Throw- 1st

Nicole: 50m Run- 3rd Tennis Ball throw-1st

Merishca: 50m Run- 3rd Tennis Ball throw-1st

Edward: 100m Run-1st Softball throw- 1st

Aiden: 100m Dash-2nd Bean Bag Toss-2nd

Nic: 100m Run- 2nd Bean Bag Toss- 3rd

Congratulations to all who participated!

Article by Kiley Cuevas and pictures by Cady Lynn

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