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PUE: Pardon our progress

A long-awaited and significant transformation has started at Poplarville Upper Elementary. The construction work began on Monday, December 4th. It will continue throughout the remainder of this school year and be completed before the start of the 2023–2024 school year. The renovations aim to update the physical infrastructure to improve our students’ learning environment and safety.  

As part of the renovations, an awning will be added out front to protect students from the rain during bus loading and unloading. A separate pick-up area and road will be created for car riders behind the school, including an awning for students to load and unload without getting wet during rainy days. Almost a dozen rooms will receive central air conditioning units, replacing old window units. The campus will finally have playground equipment for the students that will be added to the backfield, and the parking lot will be resurfaced and expanded. 

The Principal, Mr. Judson Necaise, and Assistant Principal, Mrs. Michele Lee, were asked what they felt the new renovations represented. They responded by saying the renovations at PUE represent a significant investment in the future of our community by the school board and district leadership. It signifies a dedication to modernizing facilities and infrastructure to meet current educational standards and promote a positive learning experience. The renovations also demonstrate an investment in the community’s future by creating updated functional spaces and represent a tangible expression of the value placed on our children. 

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