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PHS 2023 Who’s Who Awards

Congratulations to the PHS 2023 Who’s Who Award Winners

Picture Day will be on Feb. 15th in room 603 during the 1st and 2nd blocks. Winners can check their email for dress information.

Miss. PHS: Samantha (Sammi) Vaughan
Mr. PHS: Tucker Smith
Beauty: Olyvia Blanchet
Beau: Sam Blossman
Most Mature Girl: Sarah Bolin
Most Mature Boy: Matthew (Matt) Will
Most Athletic Girl: Rayelin Davis
Most Athletic Boy: Mark Will
Most Artistic Girl: Presley Meador
Most Artistic Boy: Kanan Bazor
Friendliest Girl: Emelia Kimball
Friendliest Boy: Tonka Davis
Funniest Girl: Samaria Daniels
Funniest Boy: Jared Goodwin

Beauty: Avelina Spires
Beau: Tyke Smith
Unforgettable Girl: Lendy Crider
Unforgettable Boy: Baltanas (Jesu’s) Martin
Most Athletic Girl: Ta’Meah Bester
Most Athletic Boy: Lawrence Jamison
Most Artistic Girl: Alissa Duncan
Most Artistic Boy: Hank Childs
Friendliest Girl: Kallie Grubb
Friendliest Boy: Jax Owen
Funniest Girl: Grace Kesler
Funniest Boy: Cody (Lane) Amacker

Beauty: Makenzie (Gracie) Saizan
Beau: Gavin Duncan
Unforgettable Girl: Eden Breaux
Unforgettable Boy: Jace Ard
Most Athletic Girl: Addison (Addie Grace) Alexander
Most Athletic Boy: Nicholas Miller
Most Artistic Girl: Kiley Cuevas
Most Artistic Boy: Jordan Mitchell
Friendliest Girl: Abbie Ladner
Friendliest Boy: Jonas Meador
Funniest Girl: Janiyah Jones
Funniest Boy: Clayton (Briar) Smith

Beauty: Hannah Gatskie
Beau: Derek Penton
Unforgettable Girl: Abbey Magee
Unforgettable Boy: Joseph Keane
Most Athletic Girl: Mallerie Cuevas
Most Athletic Boy: Rowan Smith
Most Artistic Girl: Abigail Walters
Most Artistic Boy: Dane Decell
Friendliest Girl: Brinkly Griffin
Friendliest Boy: Kyler Boothe
Funniest Girl: Zoe Fritz
Funniest Boy: Mason Dedeaux


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