WallaceMSP  would like to congratulate Ms. Liska Wallace, a 7th grade Math teacher, for being selected as a member of Curriculum Associates 2022 Class of Extraordinary Educators. Ms. Wallace was chosen from hundreds of educators and was 1 of only 4 Mississippi teachers out of 35 chosen overall. These teachers were chosen for exhibiting best-in-class use of I-ready, I-Ready Classroom Mathematics/ Ready, illustrating growth and achievement via formal assessments, demonstrating innovation, and engagement practices for students, being evangelists for high standards and having taught for at least 2 years. Ms. Wallace describes her classroom culture as trusting, engaging and honest.  She believes data is the engine that drives instruction, and student achievement is increased when valid data is interpreted to use when making instructional choices. These Extraordinary Educators will receive recognition locally and nationally, a network of peers from around the country, professional development opportunities, and the opportunity to attend the Extraordinary Educators Leadership Summit. Ms. Wallace will go to Boston this summer to be recognized nationally.  We are very proud of Ms. Wallace.