S. Dedeaux

Congratulations to Mrs. Sharon Dedeaux for being selected PLE’s Staff of the Year!

Mrs. Sharon’s Career in Education:

She has given 17 years of dedicated service to Poplarville Lower Elementary as a paraprofessional. She began working as a kindergarten assistant at PLE in 2005, the year of Hurricane Katrina. She loved working in kindergarten, watching the children begin their learning. After ten years, she then transferred to a tutoring position and has worked as a tutor ever since. Mrs. Sharon loves a challenge! She believes that all children can learn and is very diligent in working with her students.

“Did I think I would ever work at a school? NO…, but I am so glad I did! There is nothing like being a part of a child’s learning. I love my PLE family!”

When Mrs. Sharon is not at work:

Mrs. Sharon enjoys her church! She loves being with family, especially her grandchildren, Laken and Landen. Landen is a hunter. Like him, Mrs. Sharon loves being outdoors: mowing, bush hogging, and working outside. Laken is a rodeo girl, and Mrs. Sharon is proud to say that she contributed to this. Mrs. Sharon loves sharing this hobby with her. Mrs. Sharon loves to teach other children how to take care of and ride horses and gives many lessons in the afternoon, after her workday at PLE.