pizza 2

pizza partyThe library at MSP sponsors a reading program every year.  Each nine weeks 1 class in each grade is rewarded with a pizza or ice cream party. The class in each grade that reads the most books receives the reward.  The students turn in their reading slips when they come to library and the librarian calculates the winners. Progress is posted outside the library weekly so students see where they stand during the 9 weeks. It has been exciting to see the competition between classes. The winners for the 3rd period are: 8th grade Mrs. Allred’s 1st period class and 6th grade Ms. Tiffany Davis’ homeroom.  7th grade failed to turn slips in this nine weeks so there was no winner.  Competition for the final nine weeks has begun so let’s remember to turn our Reading slips in.

We are  participating in the Shuckers Baseball reading program again this year. Students can win a free ticket to a Shuckers game by reading 6 books. It is open until May 28th this year and there is a variety of games to choose from.  It is all online with the parents signing off on the books the students read instead of the librarian.  Ms. Davis will be distributing forms with all the information to the students and the link is listed below.