The state of Mississippi is drafting a 10-year plan for computer science education. Your input is essential to inform the current state of computer science and technology and what the future of computer science education will look like for Mississippi students. The 10-year strategic plan for computer science education will shape the future of Mississippi’s education and workforce by:

  • guiding the creation of relevant curriculum and courses,
  • highlighting where needs exist for new/updated equipment and facilities,
  • outlining a teacher professional development program,
  • identifying district needs throughout the state,
  • identifying industry needs throughout the state,
  • strengthening relationships with colleges and universities, and
  • revealing barriers to computer science education and proposing solutions to overcome those hindrances.

Ultimately, this plan will serve to lead our efforts in shaping computer science education to prepare YOUR STUDENTS to be competitive in a global market and grow our local economy by attracting more industry to our state due to a highly qualified workforce.
Your feedback is crucial to build a relevant and robust plan to grow Mississippi K-16 computer science education for all students over the next decade!

If you have any questions as you complete the survey, please contact Shelly Hollis at the Mississippi State University Center for Cyber Education (