MDitcharo DMT

Digital Media Makes Music

By Kali Lodrigues

Digital Media Technology (DMT) offers skills about the world of graphic design both in print and on the digital screen and how to create, edit, and publish video and audio. The wide range of skills learned in DMT can be applied to careers in almost every field imaginable.  

DMT uses Logic Pro X and Adobe Audition for audio production, which are digital audio workstations that provide the tools to either create a personal audio or edit already existing audio. The applications teach students how to take pieces of audio and mold them into their own personal compositions.  One assignment that the class had to complete was to edit an audio file into a different genre of music. For example, if a student were to choose a country-style audio, then they would have to change the genre from country to alternative by using this software. Audio plays a huge role in media if you watch a commercial or movie.  If there is a sad scene, then usually the music is slow, calm, and dreary. 

Another assignment that was presented to the students was to create their own piece of music using the tools provided. Through this each student was able to create a personalized audio that showed who they were and the skills they have gained. 

Mason Ditcharo, a first-year DMT student, created a beautiful piece of music using his skills. He says that it is a classical genre of music, and this is only one of many pieces that he has been composing.  His daily dedication and immersion into the application shows how passionate he is about music.  To hear his composition, please click below.