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PLE Teacher and Staff of the Year 2020

Teacher and Staff of the Year
Teacher and Staff of the Year at PLE

Poplarville Lower Elementary’s 

Teacher of the Year for 2020-2021

Lisa McBeth

1st-Grade Inclusion Teacher

Lisa McBeth at PLE
Lisa McBeth Teacher of the Year at PLE


I have been teaching at Poplarville Lower Elementary since 2014. I was married to Kenneth McBeth for almost 37 years. I am recently widowed. We have three children and seven grandchildren whom we adore. I love my job and my PLE family.



I was a Special Education teaching assistant for several years while my children were in school. Once they got older, I decided to pursue a degree in Special Education. I attended the University of Southern Mississippi and became a dual certified teacher in the area of Special Education and General Education. 



I believe that every student can learn. It may take different strategies and techniques to reach the child, but every child is important and deserves an education. In addition, I feel that every child needs to feel important and cared for. A student needs to see a smile on his/her teacher’s face and know that he/she is safe when with the teacher. 


What do Lisa’s co-workers say about her?

*I have worked with Lisa for years in multiple grades at PLE. She is an absolute angel for our department. She always makes sure to form wonderful relationships with the students, and they make real progress by getting extra help with her. She is also a fantastic person to work with and a delight to have in my room! 

*Mrs. Lisa strives daily to meet the needs of her students. They love her, and she loves them! Not only does Mrs. Lisa work so hard for her students, but also she is such a great co-worker! She is always willing to help when needed in the classroom and explain new things (SPED terms, IEP’s, etc.) whenever and however often is needed. 

*She cares about her students. She is so very professional!

*She goes above and beyond to help her coworkers and especially her kids! She is happy and mentors our new sped teachers! She is an asset to our team! 

*She is always so helpful and attentive. 

*She is always willing to help.  She helps others when they need it.  

*She loves her students. She is always willing to help where she is needed.  


Poplarville Lower Elementary’s 

Staff of the Year for 2020-2021

Angelle’ Naquin

PLE Secretary

Angelle Naquin at PLE
Angelle Naquin Staff of the Year at PLE
Angelle N at PLE 2020
Angelle Naquin PLE 2020 Staff of the Year


I am married to TJ Naquin, and we have three beautiful boys. I am a licensed cosmetologist with 14 years of experience. When I moved to Poplarville over 4 years ago, I knew I wanted to be involved as much as possible in my boys’ education. After working as a substitute at PLE, I knew immediately it was a special place to be, and it felt like home. I walked into my interview for PLE’s secretary position not knowing I would be opening up doors to some of my most cherished relationships. I do not feel like this is work at all. Yes…tasks can be tedious, but even with the craziest of days, I still feel thankful to be a part of PLE.


What do Angelle’s co-workers say about her?

*Angelle keeps us all straight. She knows what is going on, and can answer most of our questions. She is sweet and caring, but can also have a little bit of sass. She is a great asset to our PLE Team!!

*She is simply amazing. She has a great personality and a sharp wit. She keeps the rest of us in line all the time! AND she wears a lot of hats and still has a smile for everyone! I love talking with her and being her coworker. She has especially handled an extra crazy school year with grace, professionalism, and humor!

*She’s Super Woman!

*She is on top of where the students need to be during the day. She keeps us all in check and makes sure we have what we need.  She never has a problem with answering a question for us. 

*Angelle is awesome. She wears many hats, and she wears them graciously with a smile. She is reliable, and she is always helpful in any situation. 

*She keeps the front running so well. 

*She is a rock star! She is always willing to do whatever is asked!

*She takes on any task given to her, including picking up my slack while I was out on maternity leave. I am grateful for her!

*She’s the bomb-diggity!!!! She is always willing to do whatever is asked of her and does it with a smile! She does an amazing job communicating it all! She is an asset to PLE.

*Angelle always handles her multiple roles so well! We are so lucky to have her at PLE!

*She has great attendance, personality, and skill! She is a piece of the puzzle!

*She is always putting others first!

*She is hard worker and efficient and quick, keeping the office running smoothly.  She always has a smile for others. She goes above and beyond the requirements of her position to help PLE faculty and staff.

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