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2020-2021 Virtual Learning Information


Virtual Learning Description and Considerations

Poplarville School District


Students in the virtual learning program will be enrolled at their regular school, but they will participate in virtual learning and complete their assignments at home.  Teachers will assist students in working through weekly assignments with a mix of interactive and independent activities.  The content and pace will match the traditional school curriculum expectations without live instruction.  

Please note the following before requesting the virtual learning schedule to determine if it is the best option for your child: 

●  Poplarville School District grading policies and procedures will apply to virtual learning students.

●  Attendance will be taken in accordance with the Mississippi Department of Education’s attendance guidelines regarding virtual learning.  This includes four hours of daily instruction and assignment completion.

●  Students will be required to commit to the virtual learning program for the entire nine-week grading period.  There will be an opportunity to transfer from virtual learning to school/traditional classroom setting at the end of each nine-week grading period.

●  Grab-and-Go meals will be available for virtual learning students.  The Office of Child Nutrition will create a distribution schedule. 

●  Online/virtual learning will be the primary method of working towards competency in a grade level and/or content area.  Because virtual learning will not be delivered through paper packets, students must have access to adequate Internet service.

●  Students will use the district-approved online learning management system, Google Classroom.

●  Virtual learning students will follow the academic calendar approved by the school board.  Classes will start on the first student day of Thursday, August 6, 2020, and end on the last student day in the spring of 2021.

●  Best practices for virtual learning will be employed to include rigorous instruction, high expectations of student performance, and meeting all grade-level standards.

●  Virtual learning students must be committed to online learning.  While virtual learning is an option for students in unique situations, virtual learning does not serve as an equitable alternative to the traditional classroom setting. 

●  Universal screeners and state assessments are required by the Mississippi Department of Education and/or state law.  Benchmark assessments, Advanced Placement assessments, and other assessments due to the student’s classes or grade-level may be necessary.  At this point in time, students in the virtual learning environment may be required to participate in any or all of these assessments.  These assessments will be completed at home when possible.  However, we know some assessments cannot be taken at home.  Details regarding these assessments will be discussed with guardians when they become available.  Safety for the students will be the top priority. 

●  A unique partnership must be established between all educators, students, parents, and caregivers.  It is imperative that all parties communicate and pay close attention to the development of each child and ensure that appropriate grade level growth takes place academically. 

●  Expressing intent to participate constitutes a commitment to virtual learning and acknowledgment of all the statements in this document.  

Parents of students needing to sign up for the virtual schedule will be required to meet with a school representative to complete the proper forms, learn how to log into the student’s learning management system,  and to sign an acknowledgment of necessary responsibilities associated with virtual learning.  Meetings will be scheduled by appointment only and will be made by contacting your child’s school.

Poplarville Lower Elementary – (601) 795-4736

Poplarville Upper Elementary – (601) 795-8303

Middle School of Poplarville – (601) 795-1350

Poplarville High School  – (601) 795-8424

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