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Help Make This Yearbook One For The Records

This yearbook will be one for the records!

Help make this yearbook one everyone will be talking about for years by sending your pictures of online learning, social distancing, using good hygiene and any fun and creative ways you are adjusting to this experience. Email them to Mrs. Clark at katrina.clark@poplarvilleschools.org and if we can we will add them to the 2019-2020 PHS yearbook. Please limit your pictures sent to 5. Make sure to send your name and grade level with the photos.

Haven’t ordered your yearbook yet? You can still order online!
Hardcovers:  $45.00  Soft covers: $35.00.

To order online visit our store at: poplarvillehigh.picaboo.com and follow the directions. Make sure you receive a confirmation email with an order number or else your order did not actually go through.

Want your yearbook personalized?

Our yearbook printer, Picaboo Yearbooks, offers four free personalized pages with each yearbook. To utilize this feature, you must order online and follow the instructions. Additional pages are available for purchase for $.99 each. Personalization must be school appropriate. For questions regarding your online yearbook order or personalization, please call Picaboo Customer Support at 855-537-0050


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