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Welcome Back to the Hive Friday

Welcome Back to The Hive!


        On Friday night the Poplarville community came together to meet and welcome back the Hornets. Events such as Meet the Teachers, Meet the Hornets, and the Back to School Dance were held at Poplarville High School. To start the afternoon off, Meet the Teachers was held from 5:00-6:45. This is where the students and parents were invited to meet the faculty and could discuss any questions and concerns about their classes. The Student Council members guided parents to their child’s classes.

 Everyone assembled at the football field at 6:00 for Meet the Hornets. This is a yearly event to show who’s involved in sports and activities at our school.  It was wonderful turn out of our Poplarville community. Fans, friends, and family members filled up the stands, showing their love.


 After Meet the Hornets students arrived at the cafeteria for The Back to School Dance. The theme of this year’s dance was “Poplarville Things” based on the Netflix Original series “Stranger Things.” This school event was again hosted by student council. “The attendance for the dance was over 130 students”, said Mrs. Lee, head of Student Council.

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