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PLE is WILD about MKAS Results!


PLE kindergarten students and their teachers are proud to share with the community the results of their Kindergarten Readiness Assessment for the 2018-2019 school year. The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment evaluates skills such as the ability to recognize lettersmatch letters to their sounds, and recognize that print flows from left to right. Poplarville students scored an average of 504 at the beginning of the school year and ended the year with an average of 726, a gain of 222 points. 

To provide perspective, it is helpful to note that a score of 530 or higher at the start of kindergarten has been identified as “Kindergarten Ready.” As was mentioned before, Poplarville’s 5-year-olds scored an average of 504. The target end-of-year score for kindergarten is 681. A kindergartener’s spring scale score of 681 places student on a trajectory to meet endofgrade 3 reading expectations.  A score in the range of 675-774 categorizes a student as a transitional reader. 

To see how Poplarville proudly compared with the rest of the state, view assessment results at  https://www.mdek12.org/OPR/Reporting/Assessment/2018-19


PLE wants to invite parents of preschool-aged children to participate in Parent AcademyThe Parent Academy is designed to help parents of future kindergarteners understand what “kindergarten readiness” is and to equip and empower parents to work on kindergarten readiness skills with their child at home. The program is broken down into 6 hands-on modules (think “make and take” style!) that cover: oral language, the alphabet & writing, print awareness & comprehension, early reading, math, general development (gross and fine motor skill, social/emotional development). More information about PLE’s Parent Academy, including dates and times, will be released soon. If you have questions or would like more information about PLE’s Parent Academy, you may call 601-795-4736. 
We, also, would like to remind our parents that attendance matters. Research confirms that as many as 1 in every 10 children in kindergarten is chronically absent – missing 10 percent or more of the school year. This can be as little as 2 days each month! Coming to school regularly and being on time are significant factors in the kind of attitude your child will develop about school. The sense of responsibility and the establishment of a routine will help your child feel comfortable and secure. A positive attitude about school and regular attendance will pay off for years to come. Being in school every day is especially important in kindergarten because it is hard to make up the hands-on activities that occur in the classroom. PLE students are learning every day!
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