302 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470

District Contact Information

Poplarville School District Board Members

Jill Smith, President

Shirline Magee, Secretary

Winston Herndon, Vice-President

Heather Holiday

Violine Jordan

District Office

302 S Julia St.

Poplarville, MS 39470

(601) 795-8477 (P)

(601) 795-0712 (F)

Jonathan Will, Superintendent

Samantha Sandifer, Chief Financial Officer

Chloee Swilley, Technology Director

Stachia Peterson, Special Services Director

Jenny Story, Federal Programs Coordinator

Poplarville High School

1 Hornet Drive

Poplarville, MS 39470

(601) 795-8424 (P)

(601) 795-1345 (F)

Jonathan Ray, Principal

Gary Teal, Assistant Principal

Career Development Center

9 Career Center Circle

Poplarville, MS 39470

(601) 795-8343 (P)

(601) 795-1353 (F)

Keri Smith, Director

Middle School of Poplarville

6 Spirit Street

Poplarville, MS 39470

(601) 795-1350 (P)

(601) 795-1351 (F)

Heidi Dillon, Principal

Amy Kelley, Assistant Principal

Poplarville Upper Elementary

1 Todd Circle

Poplarville, MS 39470

(601) 795-8303(P)

(601) 795-3104(F)

Loletha Needham, Principal

Judson Necaise, Assistant Principal

Poplarville Lower Elementary

804 S Julia Street

Poplarville, MS 39470

(601) 795-4736 (P)

(601) 795-6568 (F)

Sonya Garrett, Principal

Nicole McCardle, Assistant Principal

Maintenance, Transportation, and Food Service

31 School Bus Circle

Poplarville, MS 39470


(601) 795-4728 (P)

(601) 795-3102 (F)

Jason Jones – Director of Transportation

Scott Necaise – Director of Maintenance

Food Service

(601) 795-3101 (P)

(601) 795-3102 (F)

Laine Jackson – Director of Food Services

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The Poplarville School District offers educational/vocational opportunities on a nondiscriminatory basis in compliance with the requirements of the following federal civil rights legislation: Title VI, Title IX, the Vocational Amendments of 1976 and 1979, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Individuals with Disabilities Educational Act. Further, the Poplarville School District offers equal educational and employment opportunities to all persons without regard to sex, race, religion, color, national origin, age, or disability. The district’s contact coordinator for compliance with these requirements is Stachia Peterson, Title IX Coordinator and 504 Coordinator 302 South Julia Street, Poplarville, Mississippi 39470, Phone (601) 795-6153.

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