Today, Mrs. Nikki Smith's health class started talking about stress management.   The class participated in an activity called the "Human Knot".  Mrs. Smith explained to the students that this is a team building exercise, and it takes patience and critical thinking to perform the activity correctly.  The students also understood that they were not able to get "stressed" about the activity and to work it out with their classmates to complete it. 
The students started off by standing side by side in a circle.  Then they were to place their right hand in the circle and grab another student's right hand, then do same thing with left hand.  The activity started as a big knot.  The students had to walk over arms, twist, bring arms over heads, and do whatever it took to unwind the knot in order to finish with a complete circle.  The students were not able to let go of each others hands. 
All the classes have been successful and they enjoyed the challenge!!