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Are You Ready to Read and Roll?

Before Christmas break, MSP students who have met certain criteria based on their personal reading of books will be rewarded with a field trip to Hattiesburg for a day of skating fun.  MSP proudly calls this event the “Read and Roll,” and MSP’s language arts teachers are excited to see how many students will enjoy a day off campus for their hard work!

Below are the requirements per grade to qualify for Read and Roll:

Sixth grade:

Students are required to read four books each month and complete a book review on each completed novel.  In addition to these books reviews, students must complete an extended project of their choice for one book.  The teacher will provide information on this extended project at a later date.

Seventh grade:

Students must complete 5 library folder entries, each with a passing grade.  Mrs. Aube’s students will focus on library responses 5, 6, 2, 3, and 4.  Ms. Murray’s students will focus on library responses 7, 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Evidence of two completed novels must be provided.  Finally, the students will create a book jacket as a final product based on a novel read during this time.  Project requirements will be given out November 10.  Final projects are due November 19.

Eighth grade:

Students must read 3 books or at least 400 pages.  If students choose to read 3 books, they must write a point of view response for each and earn a grade of 80 or higher to qualify. If one book with 400 pages is read by the student, the student must then write a point of view, character, and chapter summary response for the novel.  Finally, students must choose one of the following 3 project based assessments on one of the books to complete: (1) write a long poem (5 or more stanzas, with at least 4 lines per stanzas) about the book, (2) write a song about the book, or (3) make a book jacket based on the book following the directions provided by the teacher at a later date.

Should you have any questions about the Read and Roll field trip or the teachers’ requirements, please do not hesitate to email your child’s teacher.  Again, teachers are excited to see how the how hard work students have already put into their reading will pay off!  


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