PUE Poplarville Upper Elementary

The Poplarville Upper Elementary serves students grades 3rd through 5th. The campus is located at  #1 Todd Circle, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach PUE at (voice) (601) 795-8303 or (fax) (601) 795-3104.

Principal: Lynn Payne. 
Assistant Principal: Hilda Harwell


PUE Library Reading Club

The PUE Library is offering an opportunity for you to order from the Scholastic Reading Club. The club makes it easy for you to choose books that engage your child at just the right reading level for him or her at unbeatable values. Plus when you order from Scholastic Reading Club, our library receives free books. There are two ways for you to order. You may make your selections from the catalog sent home with your child and return the order form, along with a check made out to Scholastic to the PUE Library by March 20, 2015.  Please make sure your child’s name and Homeroom is on the order form.
Or you may order online by taking the following steps:
1.     Register at scholastic.com/readingclub and use class activation code: LYVLM
2.     Pay quickly and easily with a credit card or debit card.
3.     Books are delivered straight to our school and will be delivered to your child.
Thank you for supporting our school and helping to instill a love for reading that can last a lifetime!

PUE February Student of the Month

3rd Grade Row 1:  Jomanta W., Devin H., Lily T., Kirsten B. / NP: Ethan M., Lillian P., Tierra W. (SC)
4th Grade Row 2:  Erica H., Skye O., Maggie P., Erin T., Jomyla M., Matt W.
5th Grade Row 3:  Laken A., Gabrel V., Grace G., Heidi H., India R.

PUE Yearbooks: Order Yours Now

PUE's 2014-2015 yearbook may be pre-ordered at our online storefront: pue2015.picaboo.com. The completed yearbooks will be shipped in bulk to the school address and all orders will be distributed in August.
Our printer, Picaboo Yearbooks offers the option of Personalization (4 personalized pages and the back cover). A good explanation and instructions can be found at the online storefront's webpage. To utilize this feature, the order must be made online. Instructions are provided on the storefront. Additional personalized pages are available at the rate of $.99 per page.
You have the option of choosing Hard Cover ($33) or Soft Cover ($24).
Contact Beth Parker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions or concerns.

Third Grade Musical

The Third Grade from Poplarville Upper Elementary presented the musical "Lights, Camera, Action!" on Thursday night to a packed out crowd. The songs were from childrens' movies like Nemo, SpongeBob, Shrek, The Candy Man and The Polar Express. Students were asked to dress as movie stars. Please visit our photo gallery.

4th Grade Discover Students Present Simple Machines Unit

Students in the Fourth Grade Discover Classes recently presented their projects from a unit on Simple Machines.  Taught in conjunction with the K’NEX Education curriculum, this unit allowed students to build K’NEX models of simple machines that highlighted mechanical principles and related them to the real world.  The students shared their finished products along with snapshots from a PUE Simple Machines Scavenger Hunt.  The display featured pictures of common simple machines that the students located throughout the school campus.
The highlight of the day was the display of a 4 ft. tall motorized machine called “The Big Ball Factory.”  During the unit, all 41 students worked together to build this complex design made up of various simple machines.  They also sponsored a contest in which the entire Fourth Grade attempted to guess the exact number of K’NEX pieces used to build the “Big Ball Factory.”  The two overall winners took home a giant Hershey bar! 

PUE January Student of the Month

3rd Grade Row 1:  Brendan G., Peyton T., Madison C., Alyssa L., Addison N., Kaniya G., Baylee L.(SC)
4th Grade Row 2:  Zack S., Mason D., Lane L., Kyle M., Jace N., James D.
5th Grade Row 3:  Allee S., Albree L., Tyler S., Braxton C., Colby B., Kayley S. (not pictured)

“Batter and Chatter” at PUE

On January 30, 2015 at 7:00am, Poplarville Upper Elementary held their first “Batter and Chatter” with twenty people in attendance.  This was a time for parents and teachers to collaborate about the amazing things taking place at the Poplarville Upper Elementary School, while eating a complimentary breakfast.   Useful information about the library, health information, and updates on upcoming assessments were provided for parents. Parents also had an opportunity to ask questions and make suggestions.   “Batter and Chatter” was a great opportunity and beneficial for all that were in attendance.

4th Graders present MISSISSIPPI....Believe It!

Poplarville's fourth grade students put on a phenomenal production of MISSISSIPPI...Believe It! last night to a packed house in PUE's Gym! It was the seventh annual production of MISSISSIPPI....Believe It!  This play, written by past and present fourth grade teachers with the help of their students, uses the MISSISSIPPI...Believe It! advertising campaign posters as a starting point for songs and skits that portray what a great state Mississippi really is.  The music teacher and the classroom teachers worked closely together to select songs that fit the needs of the individual skits.  Students informed their audience about great singers, writers, and celebrities that call our great state home.  They explained how Mississippi is famous for kitchen appliances, electronics, and automobiles.  In their preparation for this show, students gained a wealth of information about their home state.  To learn more about the posters that were used for inspiration, you can visit www.mississippibelieveit.com.  Here you can take a closer look at the ads as well as read the history behind the campaign.  

Mississippi Believe It Tonight (Thursday)

Do you have any idea how great our state really is?  Many writers, actors, musicians, political leaders, and even astronauts call Mississippi home.  Pieces of Mississippi can be found inside some of the finest kitchens around the world, headlining and performing on stage with the world’s top artists, and driving along the highways and byways of our great nation.  Not to mention that many beating hearts, medical patients, and our nation’s best healers have relied on Mississippi initiative for years and will for many years to come.  If you want to learn about all of this and more, the fourth grade students of Poplarville Upper Elementary invite you to come join them as they present the play, “Mississippi...Believe It!” The play will be performed in the Poplarville Upper Elementary gymnasium on Thursday, January 29th at 6:00 p.m.  Beginning at 5:30 p.m. as an added bonus, students will be in the hallway greeting visitors and sharing information about the famous Mississippians they have learned about in class.  Come and be inspired by the many achievements of your fellow Mississippians!

PUE Teacher of the Year

Ms. Tammy Krutzfeldt, 4th grade teacher, was selected by her colleagues at Poplarville Upper Elementary as the Teacher of the Year 2014-2015.