PUE Poplarville Upper Elementary

The Poplarville Upper Elementary serves students grades 3rd through 5th. The campus is located at  #1 Todd Circle, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach PUE at (voice) (601) 795-8303 or (fax) (601) 795-3104.

Principal: Lynn Payne. 
Assistant Principal: Hilda Harwell


PUE September Student of the Month

5th Grade Row 3:  Brynlie Welch, William Harry, Konner Gipson, Lane Ladner, Christof Atkisson, Conner Allen, Breeanna Lester
4th Grade Row 2:  Desiree Ortiz, Carli McCurdy, Scott Jerrell, Tate Purvis, Hayden Griffin, Ethan Mitchell
3rd Grade Row 1:  Julianna Brumfield, Ilee Hughes, Isobella Gray, Dominic Macusi Ungaro, Dillan Williams, Brennan Brown, Eli Seal

PUE August Student of the Month

5th Grade Row 3:  Baylee Rester, Raylin Davis, Cassidy Ladner, Corey Burt, Maggie Pridmore, Julianna Dominguez, Kiah Stuart
4th Grade Row 2:  Lendy Crider, Asia Peters, Lily Phares, Madison Clark, Olivia Carroll, Natali Pullen
3rd Grade Row 1:  Barbara Smith,  Jasey Graves, Isabella Logan, Kaston Martin, Nathan Davis, Taylor Lindseth, Brock Sheppard

PUE Fall Festival Tonight

PUE Fall Festival
Thursday, October 22nd
5-8 pm
Fun for the whole family!
Over 25 booths
Food and refreshments
Professional portraits by Bert Burr's Photography
Please bring the family and join us!!!

The P.U.E. Library and P.H.S. Hornets Team Up

The P.U.E. Library and P.H.S. Hornets team up to promote sportsmanship and literacy.
P.U.E. third graders enjoyed a visit from P.H.S. student-athletes on Oct. 2. The athletes read a story about teamwork and talked to the younger students about what it means to be part of a team. Thank you to these role-models for taking time from their busy schedules to speak to the younger students. 

4th Grade Quest Community Service Project: Making "Plarn"

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Students in Renay Rigney's 4th Grade Quest Classes have partnered with a local group called the "Merry Mat Makers." Ms. Dale Adams and Ms. Peggy LaDue recently visited the PUE classroom to demonstrate how their volunteers use plastic shopping bags that are cut into strips to make balls of "plarn." These are crocheted into beautiful mats that are both waterproof and warm. All of the mats are then donated to a ministry for the homeless located on the MS Gulf Coast.

The "Merry Mat Makers" recently put out a call for additional volunteers who would be willing to work on their own time making these balls of plarn. The students decided this would be a wonderful Community Service Project and enthusiastically agreed to help. Each of them spends a few minutes during their weekly independent learning center time looping the strips of plastic together that the volunteers will use to create other unique mats like the one pictured below. The class goal is to donate enough balls of plarn by the end of the school year to make at least one crocheted mat. Based on their progress so far, they are well on their way!



Quest students are learning that reading is science.  It involves making a hypothesis and checking the results.  Nurtz is an invented alphabet for which students used their knowledge of reading to translate "Fat Cat" into English.   Nurtz is a nonthreatening introduction to scientific inquiry.  Students were given a story made up of pictures and the Nurtz language.  Using the scientific method, students were asked to decode the message and translate Nurtz into English.  After a few frustrating minutes, the groups had an "Ah Ha" moment and were able to decode the story.

4th Grade Quest Students Display String Art

This year's Pearl River County Fair provided a perfect opportunity for the 4th Grade Quest students to show off their String Art. Using a pattern, students strung colored thread between points in order to form geometric shapes. The finished products were combined to form a beautiful class quilt that students and parents were able to view at the fair's exhibit hall. The students received ribbons and many compliments for their outstanding work!

PUE "Personali-Tree"

Students in the 4th Grade Quest Classes recently learned about their individual personalities in a literature unit based on the book, The Treasure Tree by John Trent. This tale of four unlikely friends: a Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver taught them how to distinguish between four basic personality types. The students learned about the importance of character traits such as leadership and loyalty. After completing a personality survey, they added pictures of themselves to a "Personali-Tree" as a way to illustrate which character from the story best matched their own personality traits.

Tracking the Tropics at PUE

Fourth Graders in Renay Rigney's Quest Classes have been practicing their skills at reading latitude and longitude by tracking tropical storms in real time! Several years ago, a large tracking map was painted on the walls of the PUE Cafeteria. The 4th Grade Quest students recently used it to pinpoint the coordinates for Tropical Storm Erika. September is the peak month for tropical activity so stay tuned for further updates throughout this hurricane season!