PUE Poplarville Upper Elementary

The Poplarville Upper Elementary serves students grades 3rd through 5th. The campus is located at  #1 Todd Circle, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach PUE at (voice) (601) 795-8303 or (fax) (601) 795-3104.

Principal: Lynn Payne. 
Assistant Principal: Hilda Harwell


PUE September Students of the Month

3rd Grade Row 1:  Ethan L., Christof A., Will D., Kyle M., Nicholas P., Paige W., Krysten F.
4th Grade Row 2:  Luke B., Tyler S., Tabitha H., Jay R., Rachel D.,  Shannon R., Kamron B.
5th Grade Row 3:  Lexi S., Jericho M., Julianna L., Rachel B., Kaitlyn W., Preston S., Kristina C.


Third Grade Explodes Into Action

Third grade students at PUE have been studying about natural disasters during Science, and they have become very interested in volcanoes and earthquakes. The teachers worked together to demonstrate what a volcano looks like as it erupts. By creating a replica made from Diet Coke and Mentos, the students were able to witness a visual of a volcanic eruption in action.