PUE Poplarville Upper Elementary

The Poplarville Upper Elementary serves students grades 3rd through 5th. The campus is located at  #1 Todd Circle, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach PUE at (voice) (601) 795-8303 or (fax) (601) 795-3104.

Principal: Lynn Payne. 
Assistant Principal: Hilda Harwell


Home Grown Butterflies

Mrs. Holly Johnson’s third grade class has been raising a family of butterflies. They read a story entitled, “Home Grown Butterflies.” The story was about students in another country who raised butterflies. After reading the story, Mrs. Johnson’s students decided that they would like to do the same thing. The class ordered a cup of baby caterpillars. Over a period of several weeks they documented the changes that caterpillars made as they transformed into beautiful butterflies. The students really enjoyed seeing and learning about the life cycle of the butterflies, and are looking forward to telling others about their observations. 

PUE October Students of the Month

3rd Grade Row 1:  James P., Caroline P., Devin L., Tonka D., Alexis G., Morgan L., Breeanna L.
4th Grade Row 2:  Eli G., Maya C., Chanse D., Grace G., Gabrel V., Joshua P., Lacey P.
5th Grade Row 3:  Alyiah L., Lana W., Charles H., Gavin M., Gabe B., Courtney D., Janna P.

5th Grade Rocks the House

PUE 5th graders performed the musical “Rock & Roll Forever” on Oct. 15th, with guest appearances by Elvis, Little Richard, The Beach Boys, and The Beatles. They had an amazing performance for a packed-out gym!


The students in Mrs. Seal’s 5th grade Discover class are learning that reading is a science.  It involves making a hypothesis and checking the results.  Nurtz is an invented alphabet for which students used their knowledge of reading to translate “Fat Cat” into English.  Nurtz is a nonthreatening introduction to scientific inquiry.  Students were give a story made up of pictures and the Nurtz language.  Using the scientific method, students were asked to decode the message and translate Nurtz into English.  After a few frustrating minutes, the groups had an “Ah Ha” moment and were able to decode the story.  

Hurricane Strike

Mrs. Seal’s fifth grade Discover students completed a multimedia program called “Hurricane Strike.”  Participants became virtual houseguests of the Castillo family in Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  While on their vacation, the students traveled through a series of interactive programs that included them in preparing for a hurricane, experiencing the hurricane, and clean up after the hurricane.  Participants were introduced to many basic concepts of atmospheric science, climate, and geography while learning some important and possibly life-saving safety and preparedness skills.  The students filled out a Family Disaster Plan with their parents from newly gained knowledge that they hope they will never need to use.

Celebrating Columbus Day

To celebrate Columbus Day, Mrs. Pearson's 4th grade class created a life-size replica of the Santa Maria.  This was one of the three boats that Christopher Columbus used to sail to the "new land".  Mrs. Pearson's class learned that Columbus thought he had landed in India , thus calling the people on the land Indians, but really he had come upon a piece of land that we know as the Bahamas.  Amerigo Vespucci actually realized years later that Columbus wasn't in India, but in a land that was uncharted at that time.

Tracking the Tropics at PUE

Students in the third, fourth, and fifth grade Gifted Classes at PUE were able to apply their tracking skills as Tropical Storm Karen recently threatened several states along the Gulf Coast. The students kept a log of the latitude and longitude coordinates of the storm and then used the tracking map in the PUE Cafeteria to display the path of Karen.  While everyone was relieved that the storm never made landfall, the event itself was an important teaching tool that allowed the students to apply what they have learned through their hurricane unit. 

PUE Discover Class “Personali-Tree”

Students in the 4th Grade Discover Classes recently learned about their individual personalities in a unit based on the book, The Treasure Tree by John Trent.  This tale of four unlikely friends: a Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver taught them how to distinguish between four basic personality types.  The students learned about the importance of character traits such as leadership and loyalty. After completing a personality survey, they used the hallway display to illustrate which animal from the story best matched their particular personality.

Flashback to the First Days in Mississippi

Mrs. Mayfield’s and Ms. Breazeale’s classes have been learning what it would be like to be an Indian when the early explorers discovered Mississippi. During this unit, students were asked to create their own Indian shelters using only what the land provided. They had a great time building these homes and did a WONDERFUL job using their imaginations.

Snakes at PUE

PUE 5th grade students had an exciting visit from some native reptiles.  Crystie Baker from the National Museum of Science along with Steve Tatum with Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks presented the students with some great information about some of the native reptiles in Mississippi.  The students especially enjoyed getting a chance to touch the American alligator, a map turtle, and a scarlet king snake.  Thanks so very much to Crystie and Steve for taking their time to visit us.