PUE Poplarville Upper Elementary

The Poplarville Upper Elementary serves students grades 3rd through 5th. The campus is located at  #1 Todd Circle, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach PUE at (voice) (601) 795-8303 or (fax) (601) 795-3104.

Principal: Lynn Payne. 
Assistant Principal: Hilda Harwell


Scholastic Reading Club at PUE

Attention PUE Families!


It is time for our Scholastic Book Club orders.  You may order from the flyer. Please make sure your name and homeroom is on your order form. All checks need to be made to Scholastic.

You may also order online:


•     VISIT scholastic.com/readingclub

•     ENTER the one-time Class Activation Code LYVLM

•     SHOP from a carefully curated selection of the best books and value packs

•     SUBMIT your order and payment online and earn FREE Books for our library

•     All book orders will be shipped to our library and delivered to your child.


December’s deadline to order is January 20, 2017. Any orders received after this date will be placed with next month’s order.




5th Grade Class Gets a Special Christmas Visitor

Mr. Rocky Duckworth's class got a special Christmas treat today.  Each year, Mr. Duckworth transforms himself into the narrator of The Redneck Night Before Christmas.  He reads the book to his students completely in character.  It was a treat to watch!

Payne Dyes Beard to Promote Attendance

Students at PUE have gotten a special treat!  All students who reported to school today were able to see Mr. Payne sporting a blue beard and moustache!  Thanks to all of you who have made being at school every day a priority.

Perfect Attendance Award at PUE

Poplarville Upper Elementary  School students were encouraged to meet the goal of perfect attendance for the month of November. Students with perfect attendance were entered into a drawing for a personal Chromebook. The winner is Hayden Blanchard.  Congratulations Hayden!

Litter and its Harmful Effects


The Poplarville Upper Elementary Conservation Club’s November meeting consisted of the students learning about the impact that litter has on our Earth.  Ms. Sharon Sanders, the club sponsor, talked with them about everyday litter problems.  The members were then divided into groups and given a littering scenario in which they would discuss the hazard to determine possible solutions and consequences.  They drew pictures and/or wrote about their scenario and then presented their information to the other members of the group.



PUE Grandparents’ Day



On Friday, November 18th, PUE students celebrated Grandparents’ Day by performing for them.  The students were so excited to be able to dress up in their nice clothes, make gifts for their grandparents, and perform for them.  The PUE gym was packed as each grade performed.  This picture includes Ms. Sanders’ and Mrs. Farmer’s 4th grade students ready and excited to perform!






Sargeant Carley Davis Trains Flag Corp

Sargeant Carley Davis trained PUE's Flag Corp on the guidelines for display of the flag.   Students were trained in proper flag etiquette.  Special thanks to Sgt. Davis for taking the time to teach these important rules to our Flag Corp.

Grandparents' Day at PUE

Friday, November 18th is Grandparents' Day at PUE!  We look forward to having you in our school for the Grandparents' Day Programs.  Each grade will have its own performance.  Immediately following, guests will accompany their students back to their classroom where they can check the student out.  Please join us for this special day!  The students have been working very hard, and they are excited to present the program!
5th grade: 11:30
4th grade: 12:00
3rd grade: 12:30


Students had to band together and Breakout! The students were given a 45 minute window to solve multiple math problems that would lead to clues to open the locks on the Breakout box. Students worked together and learned the role of leadership and learned to work as a team. All students worked diligently and together to solve each and every problem. The students did not make the 45 minute time limit but they were able to break out 5 minutes after the timer went off. I would call this a success! 

PUE Students Hold Mock Election

The Quest Classes at PUE hosted a school-wide Presidential Mock Election on Thursday, October 27th. The Promote the Vote campaign is sponsored by the MS Secretary of State’s office and allows students from school districts all across MS to participate.  Prior to voting, the PUE students were shown a bulletin board display with Thinking Maps which compared and contrasted the two candidates and presented information about past elections and presidents. Donald Trump received 80 percent of the vote. In the statewide election, more than 28,300 Mississippi students voted. Donald Trump received 49.2 percent of the vote while Hillary Clinton received 42 percent. Our PUE students proudly displayed their “I Voted” stickers after casting their votes.  Be sure to exercise your right to do the same on Tuesday, November 8th.