PLE Poplarville Lower Elementary

The Poplarville Lower Elementary serves students grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The campus is located at 804 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470.  
You may reach the Lower Elementary at (voice) (601)795-4736 and (fax) (601) 795-6568.

Principal: Candace Henderson
Assistant Principal: Loletha Needham



Kindergarten Class Sends Christmas Cards to Soldiers

Rhonda Hariel's kindergarten class sent Christmas cards to recovering soldiers. The class copied sentences that wished the soldiers a Merry Christmas. They also thanked them for helping us stay free. If you wish to send a soldier a card, send to: A Recovering American Soldier, C.O. Walter Reed Army Medical Center, 6900 Georgia Avenue, NW Washington, D.C. 20307-5001.

PLE November Students of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right - Merishca L., Rylee S., Henry R., Jett S., A'miya S., Jake B., and Michael B.
First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right - Kenleigh K., Chloe K., Dixie S., Alora L., AnnaBella H., Libby W., and Anna Beth D.
Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right - Mary Jane H., Mia R., Madison H., Kelcei B., Lilly N., Grace H.

PLE Quest Hosts Addition Facts Championship

PLE Quest hosted an Addition Fact Championship for all second graders. All classes have been working very hard to learn these facts fluently. Classes competed against one another through several rounds of close competition. In the end, Mrs. Broom’s class claimed the Championship spot for 2015!!! Our individual student winner went to Dalton R.
All students did an outstanding job. We look forward to hosting a subtraction fact championship this coming spring.
Dalton R., winner

PLE October Students of the Month

October Student of the Month
Kindergarten- Bottom Row: Dean, Leila, Abeni, Conner, Arlo, & AJ
Taven (not pictured)
First Grade- Middle Row: Collin, Dillan, Madison, Vivian, Levi, Dru, & Jayden
Second Grade- Back Row: Loryn, Dalton, Zae, Blaine, Jackson, & Magnolia
Congratulations!!! Nice work boys and girls! 

2nd Grade Parent University

Second Grade Parents are invited to our Parent University Night.
Where: PLE in Mrs. Susan Keith’s room
When: November 16, 2015
Time: 5:30-6:30     

COLA Talks at PLE Thursday

We invite all parents/guardians
to join us for some Cola talks (Collaborating together to Organize Learning experiences for All students)
while your child is in school.
Come and share your thoughts,
comments, and recommendations
about our Title I Program.
Date: November 12, 2015
Time: 2:00-2:30
Place: PLE

September 2015 PLE Student of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right – Michael James P., Allyssa P., Chloe B., Lawson L., & Conner D.,
First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right - Layney M., Malyn L., Caleb B., Addison J., Brooklyn C., Abbie S., and Bailey M.
Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right – Neveah T., Kaylynn O., Emma H., Aiden S., Kaylee G., & Aiden C.
Not pictured: Hope S., and Madison B.
****** Congratulations for your hard work!!! ******

Fire Department Visits PLE

The Poplarville Fire Department came to PLE to speak to the children about fire safety. The children learned what to do in case of a fire in their house.  The importance of fire drills at home, similar to the way we practice at school, will prepare them for any emergencies that may occur.   The students learned about dialing 911 in case of an emergency. They learned why it isn’t a good idea to call 911 if it isn’t an emergency. The students saw the uniforms the firemen wear and got to shake the fireman’s hand. This helped familiarize the students with the uniform so they won’t be scared in case of an emergency. Then each student was given a keychain with “Celebrate Fire Prevention by never playing with fire and practicing a family fire escape plan” on it.

PLE Balloon Release

Brittany Alexander's kindergarten classroom had a balloon release in honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Mrs. Alexander sent home notes to parents for support and told her students that October is a very important month to remember to have good checkups to stay healthy.  The wind was blowing nicely and the balloons lifted beautifully as the students marveled at the sight.  Several parents and grandparents attended to be a part of the exciting event.  Tags were attached to the balloons hoping to see how far the balloons travel; as people find the cards we are hoping they email the school's class so they may chart the travel.

Horrible Hair Day at PLE

Kindergarten has learned "Hh" this week and on Friday they celebrated with Horrible Hair day!  Some have color, some have cupcakes, some have spiderwebs, some have not combed, some have multiple hair accessories and some have hair not finished. They are the smart and cute too!

Mission Space

Second grade Quest classes have truly been enjoying our Mission Space Unit. We have been learning and doing many hands on activities that are helping to answer all of the questions that the students have had about space and our solar system. In order to gain even more knowledge, we took a journey to the other planets and our moon through a talking planetary map. This map takes your weight and calculates what you would weigh on the other planets. It also gives us super cool facts about each planet we visit just by standing on that particular planet. The students favorite part was being able to send a classmate out on a "Space Mission." The mission gave us 90 seconds to find the correct planet for the given fact. Depending on how many you get correct, is what results in your points at the end. The students did a great job and really enjoyed helping one another get to the correct planet in time. 

COLA Talks at PLE

Collaborating together to Organize Learning experiences for All students
We invite all parents/guardians to join us for some Cola talks (Collaborating together to Organize Learning experiences for All students) while your child is in school. Come and share your thoughts, comments, and recommendations about our Title I Program.
Date: September 10, 2015
Time: 1:30-2:00
Place: PLE

PLE School Photos September 17

PLE is proud to announce that JP Blakeney will be our school photographer this year. Kindergarten and 1st Grade photographs will be onWednesday, September 16th and 2nd Grade on Thursday, September 17th. We will send a flyer home soon, so make sure you check your students folder. The order envelopes will be sent home next week.

Kindergarten Registration Now


If your child is 5 yrs old on or before September 1, you should register him/her immediately.  You may register any day at PLE 8:00 - 4:00 Monday thru Thursday. July 21 - July 24, registration will take place at the high school.  If you have already registered your kindergarten child you do not have to do anything else if the child's file is complete.  If registration is not complete ( lacking a proof of residency, Form 121, copy of birth certificate, etc ) you must complete the file before a teacher will be assigned to your child.

For all questions call 601-795-4736.

Kindergarten Scores 2nd in State for Gains on Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Kindergarten students and teachers at Poplarville Lower Elementary placed second in the entire state for their scores on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment this year.  Their scores had the second most gains from beginning of the year to the end, starting from 485 and ending at 720, with a gain of 235 points. Go Kindergarten!

PLE Math Facts Olympics

The second graders at Poplarville Lower Elementary participated in a Math Facts Olympics.  After studying for many weeks, each class competed against each other to find the addition and subtraction facts champion.  Mrs. Susan Keith’s class was the Class Champion and the recipients of a popcorn and Kool-Aid Jammers party.  All of the students competed in a final round to find an over-all winner.  Dillan Williams was the Grand Champion and the winner of a goody basket full of drinks, candies, notebooks, and colored pens.  We are very proud of all the students and all the participants did a great job!  

PLE Blood Drive Announced

PLE Blood Drive
May 19, 2015 from 2:00-6:30
Bring photo ID
PLE parking lot
Donors will be entered into contest to win Taylor Swift tickets and Bayou Country Superfest both in Baton Rouge, LA.

Wild West Day in Kindergarten

PLE's kindergarteners took a mini-field trip on April 23rd to Poplarville Fair Grounds for the annual Wild West Day to finish off their western unit. Students rotated to different western-themed centers in the arena, including horse shoe throwing, dipper races, and roping and riding lessons. There was also a petting zoo with lots of furry critters that the students loved.  The students were encouraged to dress up in their western finest and had a lot of fun learning about different activities from the wild west!

Kindergarteners Take Field Trip to See "Home"

Kindergarteners at PLE recently took a field trip to River Ridge Cinema in Picayune to watch the movie "Home." "Home" stars a diverse cast from humans of all appearances and walks of life to out of this world aliens known as the Boov who invade Earth trying to escape the evil aliens, the Gorg. Voiced by Rihanna, the main human is named Tip, whose mother becomes lost when the Boov invade. Trying to find her mother, she runs into a Boov alien named Oh, and together they overcome their differences to make peace for humans and aliens alike in the end. The students had a great time and loved the movie and their yummy cinema snack packs.  After the movie, they enjoyed lunch and free play at Friendship Park before heading back home.

PLE Wins Chamber of Commerce Spring Decoration Contest

The Poplarville Chamber of Commerce hosted a city-wide competition with the local businesses to decorate for spring. The school decorated with a banner, flowers, and Easter decorations and was awarded first place! PLE is incredibly thankful to Mrs. Leigh Holston for donating wooden Easter cut-outs (seen around the school's maypole) and to Kloze Klozet for spring decoration donations.