PLE Poplarville Lower Elementary

The Poplarville Lower Elementary serves students grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The campus is located at 804 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470.  
You may reach the Lower Elementary at (voice) (601)795-4736 and (fax) (601) 795-6568.

Principal: Candace Henderson
Assistant Principal: Loletha Needham



PLE Faculty and Staff Health Fair

On Monday, March 28, the PLE faculty and staff were treated to a health fair during their professional development day.  Not only is it important for our students to be fit, healthy, and ready to learn, but also for our faculty and staff to be at their best health and ready to engage their students in learning.  We would like to thank the following businesses and facilities for their participation in the health fair:  Poplarville Eye Clinic; Dr. Bethany Herrington, Poplarville Family Medical Clinic; Grace Ford FNP, Dawn Vosboein Mississippi State Extension Office, Tara Rouse PRCC Wellness Center, Pearl River County Hospital and Nursing Home; JoLynn Davis RN, Poplarville Family Chiropractic; Dr. Kelvie Culpepper, Poplarville Physical Therapy; Ryan Woods PT, and Melissa Darden PSD EPSDT RN.

Incoming Kindergarten Parent University

Parents of 2016-2017 kindergarten students are invited to PLE's Kindergarten Parent University night. 
Where: PLE in Ms. Kathleen Lumpkin's room
When: Monday, April 11th, 2016
Time: 5:00 to 6:00

PLE March Students of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right – Laiya F., Isabella H., Jonah D, Kayden B., Matthew D., Tyree R., & Dean S.

First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right – Emily R., Braylen A., Zoey S., Ava K., Elijah P., Skylar W.  (Not Pictured - Jaden H.)

Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right – Lizzy B., Brinkly G., Allison H., Ryan F., Montana L., & Morgan G.

                                                          ****** Congratulations ******

PLE Boxtop March Madness Winner

Mrs. Cindy Sutfin's first grade class came in first place for PLE's Boxtop March Madness contest. They are incredibly thankful to the parents and students for their help in gathering lots of Boxtops and raising funds! Congratulations!

1st Grade Parent University

1st grade parents are invited to our Parent University night. 
Where: PLE in Mrs. Lisa Bagley's classroom
When: Thursday, March 31st, 2016
Time: 5:30 to 6:30pm

Grandparents Day at PLE

In spite of the flooded roads and highways, PLE students performed for grandparents and loved ones with a ray of sunshine in their hearts.  Many could not attend, but a repeat performance will be done at a later date, to be announced.  Thank you to those that could weather the elements, and we look forward to seeing those that could not attend today.

Women's Club and MS Power Read to PLE for Dr Seuss Week

The Women's Club from Poplarville and Mr. Arnie Williams from MS Power came to PLE to kick off Dr. Seuss week.  They read to students as students celebrated Dr Seuss's 112th birthday.  It was a treat as always to have all of our guests!

Balloon Science

Mrs. Alexander's kindergarten class have become awesome scientists, thanks to the special help of Mrs. Makayla Merritt! The class participated in a science experiment turning baking soda and vinegar into carbon dioxide, allowing it to to blow up the balloon! The students learned that carbon dioxide is the gas used to "blow" things up! Their reactions were priceless!

PLE February Students of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right – Kelbie Y., A’Yanna J., Emma E., Calvin W., Kylelee M.,  AJ  M., Ben T.
First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right – Addyson W., Brayden K., Matthew M., Peyton H., Abigail R.,  Andrew R.
Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right – Chloe C., Rylan G., Cade S., Layton C., Josey T.
Not Pictured – Marcus S. and Tilor F.
****** Congratulations ******

A Day at the Wax Museum

Second grade QUEST students in Mrs. Holly Johnson’s class have been learning about “Influential People of the Past.” Each student chose a special person of interest to research. The students used their research findings to put together a slideshow presentation that they presented to their families here at school. The students dressed the part that represented their person of the past. We had a wonderful time at the museum and every student did an outstanding job. We have learned so much throughout this amazing unit of study. Thank you to everyone who supported and encouraged us. It was a great success!

Kindergarten Parent University

Kindergarten Parents are invited to our Parent University Night.
Where: PLE in Ms. Kathleen Lumpkin's room
When: Monday, March 7th, 2016
Time: 5:30-6:30     

PLE 2016-17 Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten registration for 2016-2017 school year will be held at Poplarville Lower Elementary School on WEDNESDAY, March 16, 2016 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Children of the school district who will be 5 years old on or before SEPTEMBER 1, 2016 should be registered. A parent or guardian must be the one to register the child. It is not necessary for the child to be present for registration.

Enrollment will not be complete without the following documents: Original Certified Birth Certificate, Original Mississippi Immunization Compliance Form 121, Social Security Card, Custody Papers (if applicable), and (2) documents as verification of residence in the Poplarville School District.

Most school immunizations can now be given at 4 years of age. Please check with your healthcare provider and get your child’s immunizations up to date for school. This will make completing registration much easier.

Any document with a post office box number will not be accepted. Acceptable documents include:

  • Filed Homestead Exemption Application for the student’s primary residence
  • Mortgage Documents or Property Deed for the student’s primary residence
  • Notarized Apartment or Home Lease
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Utility Bills (Water, Electricity, Gas, (NO PHONE BILLS). Must be dated within 1 month of registration
  • Automobile Registration
  • Affidavit and/or personal visit by a designated school district official

If you do not have all of the above information, we encourage you to come and start the enrollment process. For more information call 601-795-4736.



PLE's Lisa Cuevas Awarded District Teacher of the Year

Lisa Cuevas was awarded Teacher of the Year at Poplarville Lower Elementary only to become Poplarville School District's Teacher of the Year.  Mrs. Cuevas is married to Randy Cuevas and has two children:  Haylee - 1st year teaching Spanish in Purvis School District and Dylon - 2nd year teaching Math, Science, and Social Studies at Poplarville Upper Elementary.  Mrs. Lisa has been the librarian at PLE for two years and has also served as a second grade teacher at PLE and K-2 Academic Coach.  Her hobbies include spending time with family and friends but her favorite past time is READING.  Mrs. Lisa loves teaching the love of reading to others and her favorite activity is PLE's annual Book Parade.  She hopes to retire in the librarian position in years to come.  She will be hosting a BOOK FAIR March 7 - 11 at PLE and will have a family night when the library stays open until 7:00 on March 8.  Come experience the love of reading in her library!

PLE Receives Tug of War Rope Donation

Poplarville Lower Elementary would like to express their sincere appreciation to Donald and Teresa Gravley. Mr. and Mrs. Gravley recently donated two 75 foot long polydac tug of war ropes for the children to use on Fall Festival Day and Spring Field Day. These ropes usually cost about $150.00 each, so this was a great donation for PLE. Mr. Gravley uses this type of rope everyday on his job at Crosby Tugs, who were happy to make the donation. Mr. and Mrs. Gravley have a daughter, Abigail, in Rhonda Hariel's room.

PLE January Students of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right – Harrison L., Aidan W., Krislyn H., Elyssa N., Tristain F., Faith C.
First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right -  Aiden C., Alexis P., Riley A., Katelyn M., Anna D., Clinton
Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right – Taylor F., Kyland P., Lindsey L., Ashlyn M., Madison D., Kaylie S.
****** Congratulations ******

Ready to Run at PLE

The Poplaville Lower Elementary School's Get Ready to Run Kick Off Celebration was held on Friday, January15.  Special guests included Mayor Brad Necaise, PRCC Wellness Director Tara Rouse, and the PRCC Wildcat Cheerleaders.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield Get Ready to Run program is a ten week physical fitness curriculum in which students learn about running and developing healthy habits. Students will participate in lap days and at the end of the program are invited to the Get Ready to Run Kid's One Mile Fun Run. The program's aim is to help students build endurance, set and accomplish long term fitness goals, enhance self esteem, and make health and fitness a regular part of their lives.  More information about the program is available at

The Joy of Giving

Two Kindergarten classes experienced the true joy of the Christmas season this school year. Mrs. Brittany Alexander's and Ms. Kathleen Lumpkin's Kindergarten classes participated in a food drive for two of Poplarville's food banks. The students brought food in for a few weeks and then were able to deliver the food themselves. The students pulled wagons that were filled with the food donated. They participated in stocking the pantry with the food  they brought. The smiles on their faces were filled with joy and excitement as they knew they were giving to others. We want to thank the students and parents who gave for being such blessings to the community. Our classes look forward to hosting another food drive later this school year!

PLE Chorus Sings for Nursing Home

The Poplarville Lower Elementary school chorus members visited Pearl River County Nursing Home and the local banks to sing Christmas carols before the holidays. The second graders gave Christmas cards to the nursing home residents during their visit. The cards were donated by Jennifer and Maddie Shaw. The students enjoyed decorating the cards and singing for them. Everyone appreciated it and had a good time!

All Around the World

Mrs. Holly Johnson's 2nd grade Quest classes have been learning all about different places around the world through engaging activities and the support of family friends who have sent postcards and letters. The Postcards were part of the "Postcard Project" that allowed students to track and see the many neat places in our world. We want to thank everyone who took time to send us postcards and letters. The students have gained so much knowledge about geography, and many have a desire to travel and see the world around them.

PLE December Students of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right - Eli L., Bryanna A., Braelyn L., Kayla W., Ezra L., and Brayleigh P.
First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right - Chase S., Makenzie J., Dixie M., Kayleigh D., Bragg M., Gavin R., and Cady Lynn O.
Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right - Maven L., Landen C., Zoe F., Tanner S., Chase M., Landen A., and Abbi V.
****** Congratulations ******