PLE Poplarville Lower Elementary

The Poplarville Lower Elementary serves students grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The campus is located at 804 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470.  
You may reach the Lower Elementary at (voice) (601)795-4736 and (fax) (601) 795-6568.

Principal: Candace Henderson
Assistant Principal: Loletha Needham



To Infinity…. & Beyond!

Mrs. Holly Johnson’s 2nd Grade Quest students had a blast at the Infinity Science Center at Stennis Space Center. This trip was a culminating experience that allowed the students to explore and witness amazing elements about our solar system. We have just completed a Mission Space unit and the students were excited to take all of their knowledge and use it at the Infinity Center. We talked to scientists and astronauts who work with NASA and saw first-hand what it would be like to go into space. We had a wonderful time making lasting memories. 

PLE Red Ribbon Week

Red Ribbon Week is a national drug prevention campaign.

PLE will celebrate Red Ribbon Week October 24-28.

Our Theme is "Character Counts: Trustworthiness--Respect--Responsibility--Caring--Citizenship"

Encourage your student to participate in the following dress up days:

  • Monday Oct 24—Wear red in honor of Red Ribbon Week (red shirt with uniform pants)
  • Tuesday Oct 25—Sock it to Drugs (wear silly socks)
  • Wednesday Oct 26—Put a Cap on Drugs (may wear a hat or cap)
  • Thursday Oct 27—Hairs to Being Drug Free (wear crazy hair)
  • Friday Oct 28—I’m a “Jean”-ius.  I’m Drug Free! (wear jeans)





PLE September Student of the Month

Student of the Month

September 2016



2nd Grade - Back Row: Left to right: Alexis C., Chase S., Brooklyn C., Caleb B., Jaiden S., Sy G., and Laney M.

1st Grade - Middle Row: Left to Right: Leila F., Remy N., Karson R., Abigail G., Michael P., and Tristen M.

Kindergarten - Front Row: Left to Right: Harlee S., Adilyn D.,

Natalie B., Zariah W., William C., and Merishca L.   

Not Pictured - Isabella S.

Popping for Box tops at PLE!!

Congratulations to Mrs. Cindy's Sutfin's class on winning the September 2016 Popcorn Box Tops contest!! 
The contest for October 2016 is a Halloween Party---So go Batty for Box Tops!!!  Deadline for Halloween Party is  October 28, 2016!!!  Thanks to all students, parents and teachers for your support!!!

Yum, Yum....Stone Soup?!?!

Mrs. Alexander's Kindergarten class concluded their Stone Soup study by making their own stone soup! The soup did include real stones! The students focused on learning about folktales stories during study. As an added bonus, they learned the importance of sharing with others!
IMG_0452.JPG    IMG_0446.JPG
IMG_0469.JPG    IMG_0465.JPG

We have lift off!! PLE Kindergartners in Space!

Today, Mrs. Alexander's class wound up their letter Aa study with astronaut ice cream, which led to an astronomical space lesson about gravity! What a great experience for these students!
IMG_0435.JPG       IMG_0433.JPG      
IMG_0440.JPG       IMG_0441.JPG

The Case of the Missing Storybook Characters

Students and teachers at PLE have been on a scavenger hunt looking for storybook characters that were kidnapped from the library! Each book character had a reward that could be claimed when found. Rewards ranged from a gift card from Outback Steakhouse to a $200 gift certificate for the Book Fair that starts next week. It only took three hours for all six characters to be found. Because of the excitement from everyone, the library will be sponsoring another scavenger hunt in the near future. Congratulations to Cindy Sutfin, Teresa Farmer, Ava Burge, Julianna Lieb, Lisa Bagley, and Jennifer Theriot who found a storybook character and claimed their reward! 

Box Tops are Rockin' at PLE

Please keep sending in your Box Tops for PLE.  The Box Tops Popcorn Contest deadline is September 26, 2016!!!  We will have other contest throughout the school year. Special thanks to these students:  Ta’kayla R.- Mrs. Sutfin’s Class, Addison T.- Mrs. Alexander’s class, and Dawson A.- Mrs. Discon’s class.  Each of these students have shown great support in our Box Tops for Education campaign.  Thank you parents and students for your support!!

2nd Grade Social Studies & Science Fun!

Who says learning Social Studies and Science can't be fun? Mrs. Morgan Smith's 2nd grade class is learning all about Native Americans, American History, and Life Science. These two subjects are being taught through the new reading curriculum and students love it! Six of our students placed in the county fair with our porcupine projects! We learned about their habitat and how they protect themselves. We also studied habitats and life cycles of other animals.


In History students learned about George Washington and Betsy Ross and even had a chance to make their own flag and write why they love their flag. During our Native American unit students learned about the different resources they used and how they lived off of the land. Some of our students used their creativity at recess to create some of their homes. I am so proud of our class and I am excited to see them continue to grow! 






PLE Students of the Month- August



August 2016 Students of the Month

Bottom Row (L-R):

Christian C., Star M., Avery W., Allysa P., A.J. M., Landyn P., Lola E., and Aidyn B.

Top Row (L-R):

Braxton S., Mia D., Bayleigh S., Cate H., Carson S., Jayden G., Luke M., Madisyn B., Michael B., and Brianna L.

Not Pictured: Luke S., and Kamryn H.

Congratulations!!! Nice work boys and girls!


Hands on as we Grow

Students in Ms. Julianna's class have been busy bees. They are learning letters, numbers, and shapes using multi-sensory activities. Matthew Hariel is pictured writing the letter "C" in sand. This engaging activity allows the students to learn how to form the letters through a tactile experience.

2+2=4... 2nd Grade Math is F-U-N!

Mrs. McCardle’s class is learning how to use different strategies when adding basic facts. The students have been using manipulatives to help them visualize how the facts change as you add pieces. They also have had math games and speed drills during their math center rotations to help them memorize basic addition and subtraction facts. Learning basic addition and subtraction facts gives students a strong foundation in math. The students are having a blast AND learning!

PLE Cheers for PHS!

Every morning Poplarville Lower Elementary students meet in the auditorium for our “Rise and Shine.” During this time, students are led in Move to Learn and other fun and exciting dance videos. We also have our morning announcements, our Pledge and National Anthem, and our fight song. Our students are doing an awesome job in learning all these! Since football season is in full swing, PLE wants to show our spirit with the fight song!

O is for Octopus

Kindergarten students are intergrating Phonics and Science.  Mrs. Alexander's Kindergarten class learned the letter "O" this week while studying octopus in science. Students then created the snack of the week, a cupcake octopus!! 

Quest Saves the Day

Mrs. Holly Johnson’s  Quest classes participated in a S.T.E.M. project that required them to work collaboratively and use strategic planning in order to save Fred. Students were given their materials and then told they could not use their fingers to touch Fred. The object of this experiment was to get Fred (gummy worm) into his life vest (gummy lifesaver) by only using four paperclips. Impossible you might say, but these bright young students worked together wonderfully to find a solution to Fred’s problem. This was a great team building experience.

PLE May Students of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right – Christian M., Patrick S., Karson R., Ai’Reale W., & Shilo G.

First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right -  Pashance B., Peytyn F., Kash F., Madi K., Halo G., & John W.

Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right – Harley H., Audrey B., Arthur B., Jerrinna E., Ellie B., & Elizabeth N.

Not Pictured : Jaycob Q., Dylan L., & Ryder O.

                                                        ****** Congratulations! ******

PLE April Students of the Month

Kindergarten/Bottom Row: Left to Right – Julianne G., Avery W., Skyler C., Matthew H., Kamryn   H., Blair G., &  Zachary B.,

First Grade/Middle Row: Left to Right -  Cate H., Addison B., Lola E., Tate S., Caleb S., John O., & Caiden K.,

Second Grade/Top Row: Left to Right – Chloe H., Nevaeh H., Craig S., Gabby V., Aniriah G., & Braxton S.

                                                        ****** Congratulations! ******

PLE Quest Saves Zooland

Mrs. Holly Johnson’s 2nd grade Quest students from PLE would like thank our Mayor, Brad Necaise, and City Council Members, Glenn Bolin, Maggie Smith, and Shirley Wiltshire for coming and being a part of our class presentations. Zooland is a simulation project that the students absolutely loved. This simulation started off with the news of the town’s local zoo being closed down due to the lack of care for the animals and a decline in visits by people. The students found out and wanted to know how they could help save Zooland. Over a course of several weeks, Quest students learned as much as they could about zoo animals and how to care for them. The students chose an animal of interest and began the research process. After the students researched their animal they created a slide show that they presented to the mayor and city council members. After some discussion and questioning of the students it was decided that Zooland would remain in operation with the help of the Quest students. This was a great simulation and wonderful project.

1st Graders Study Moon Phases

Ms. Jennifer Theriot’s class read Kitten’s First Full Moon and studied the moon by creating the phases of the moon with Oreo cookies. Yum!