PLE Poplarville Lower Elementary

The Poplarville Lower Elementary serves students grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The campus is located at 804 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470.  
You may reach the Lower Elementary at (voice) (601)795-4736 and (fax) (601) 795-6568.

Principal: Candace Henderson
Assistant Principal: Loletha Needham



Valentine's Day is Learning Day at PLE

The first graders in Mrs. Bolin’s class practiced their graphing skills using Valentine’s conversation hearts.  They sorted their hearts by color.  Then, they colored in their graphs to show how many hearts they had of each color.  After completing their graphs, they analyzed them to see which color they had the most of, which color they had the least of, and how many hearts they had in all.  Finally, their favorite part was when they ate their candy!



Kindergarten Registration March 6th



Kindergarten registration for Poplarville Lower Elementary School will be held on THURSDAY, March 6, 2014 between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Children of the school district who will be five years old on or before SEPTEMBER 1, 2014 should be registered.  A parent or guardian must be the one to register the child.  It is not necessary for the child to be present for registration.

Enrollment will not be complete without the following documents:  Original Certified Birth Certificate, Original Mississippi Immunization Compliance Form 121, Social Security Card, Custody Papers (if applicable), and (2) documents as verification of residence in the Poplarville School District.

Most school immunizations can now be given at 4 years of age.  Please check with your healthcare provider and get your child’s immunizations up to date for school.  This will make completing registration much easier.

Any document with a post office box number will not be accepted.  Acceptable documents include:

  1. Filed Homestead Exemption Application for the student’s primary residence

  2. Mortgage Documents or Property Deed for the student’s primary residence

  3. Notarized Apartment or Home Lease

  4. Current Driver’s License

  5. Utility Bills ( Water, Electricity, Gas, (NO PHONE BILLS). Dated within 1 month of verification

  6. Automobile Registration

  7. Affidavit and/or personal visit by a designated school district official

If you do not have all of the above information, we encourage you to come and start the enrollment process. For more information call 601-795-4736.


Chinese New Year at PLE

Mrs. Bolin’s 1st grade class read the informational texts Chinese New Year and Lion Dancer - Ernie Wan’s Chinese New Year. They researched the holiday’s traditions and watched a video about it on Discovery Education.  After comparing the Chinese New Year celebrations to our own New Year’s Day celebrations, the students created their own paper lion heads.   It was very fun learning about other cultures!

Poplarville Lower Receives Box Tops Check

Parents, students and teachers at PLE collected box tops during the first semester to help generate funds that will be used to up-date facilities and enhance learning.  Their hard work allowed the school to receive a check for $1331.10. 

Christmas Cards for Soldiers

Rhonda Hariel’s Kindergarten Class wrote to soldiers and sent them a message in a Christmas Card.  If you would like to send a card to a soldier send before December 6 to: Holiday Mail for Heroes, P. O. Box 5456, Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456. These soldiers have sacrificed so much for us. Let’s do something for them.

Learning about Thanksgiving

Mrs. Jennifer, Mrs. Lisa, Mrs. Kilgore, and Mrs. Bolin held a Thanksgiving Celebration day with their first grade classes.  The week leading up to the celebration, the classes completed Thanksgiving-themed lessons in class.    The Thanksgiving Celebration day consisted of different stations as culminating activities for the thematic study.  The students made butter, drank apple cider, planted corn, ground corn with a stone, felt arrow heads and a bow, and petted a chicken.  They also made masks, painted with feathers, molded clay, and made leaf rubbings.   In addition, they created bracelets with each bead representing a different part of the journey of the pilgrims as they came to America.  They studied a map of the route the Mayflower took and played games the pilgrim and Native American children played.  Lastly, the students had their picture taken as a keepsake for the celebration.  It was a fun way for the students to learn about Thanksgiving and the history of the United States. 

PLE Use Typing Skills to Give Thanks

The first grade computer students typed a letter of thanksgiving using the skills they have been learning in Mrs. Marilyn’s keyboarding class.  The students have been learning many important skills that they will continue to use throughout the rest of their lives.  They were so proud of their letters!

Making Predictions at PLE

Mrs. Bolin’s first grade class did an experiment with “making predictions”.  This week they have been learning that good readers make predictions before and during their reading.  They learned that scientists also make predictions before they perform an experiment.  This experiment included food coloring drops in milk with a Q-tip covered with liquid soap dipped in the middle.  The students predicted that it would blow up or make a rainbow.  They realized the outcome was the colors moved away from the Q-tip to make a star-like shape.  The students had a fun yet educational time.

Red Ribbon Week at PLE

Poplarville Lower Elementary participated in Red Ribbon Week October 28th - November 1st.  Their theme was ‘Friends don’t let friends bully or do drugs’.  The students were allowed to dress up each day for a different challenge.  Monday they wore red in honor of Red Ribbon Week.  Tuesday was wear crazy socks to “Sock it to Drugs”.  Wednesday they wore a cap to “Put a Cap on Drugs”.  Thursday they wore crazy hair for “Hairs to Being Drug Free”.  Friday they wore their favorite team shirt or jersey to “Team up Against Drugs”.  


All the students at PLE and PUE were invited to attend a MatheMagic performance by internationally acclaimed magician and educator, Bradley Fields.  The program was hosted by the Brownstone Center for the Arts and was funded by a grant through the Service Above Self, Investment in Tomorrow partnership of the Lower Pearl River Valley Foundation and the Rotary Club of Poplarville.  The Performance was held at the Brownstone Center on the Pearl River Community College campus.  All the students and teachers attending had a very entertaining and educational experience.

PLE September 2013 Student of the Month

Pictured From left to right:
Top Row:  Justice H., Levi J., Brandon B., Carli M., Tristan H., Natali P., Tierra W.
Middle Row: Jace A., Hezekiah P., Kaliyan S., Nathan D., Misty L., Chloe P., Ke’vin N.
Bottom Row:Zae S., Loryn R., Lindsey L., Kyle F., Hope S., Elijah W.
Not Pictured: Shyan H.

PFD Visits PLE

The Poplarville Fire Dept. came to PLE and spoke to the children about fire safety. What the children should do in case of a fire was discussed.  The importance of fire drills at home, similar to the way we practice at school, will prepare them for any emergencies that may occur.   The students saw the uniforms the firemen wear and the equipment on the fire truck. Then each student was given a packet with fire safety tips and firemen-themed silly bands.

Great things do come in Big Packages!

The students at Poplarville Lower Elementary are enjoying new playground equipment.  The structure was added to the other pieces that are still used but have been played on for many years.  Funds were saved from previous fundraisers and used to purchase this new piece.  Students have been instructed on how to play on the new piece and how to care for it.  What a pleasure to see the smiles and hear the laughter as they relax for 20 minutes a day on the playground after laboring in the classroom!  Enjoy PLE students; you deserve it!


Mrs. Bolin’s first grade class has been studying the life cycle of frogs.  As they were charting the growth and changes the tadpole goes through to become a frog, one of her students brought in a tadpole for the class to see.  They had a blast watching the tadpole grow until it eventually turned into a frog.  It was such an excitement to watch the frog jump away when they released it into the wild.

Students Celebrate 50th Day

Poplarville Lower Elementary Kindergarten students had a blast celebrating the 50th day of school. Students participated in various activities centering on the number 50. They enjoyed discussing the 1950's and how things were different from our lives today. As a special treat, students listened and danced to 50's music. The students enjoyed dressing in their best 50's attire. It was definitely a memorable event!

Just An Ordinary Guy Hanging Out In A Hot Spot

On Friday, October 11, Russell Tucker, came to the Poplarville School District to do a service few people choose in life---paint the flagpole.  Mr. Tucker has travelled all over the United States doing this service for 38 years as his occupation.  He climbs the pole to the top with an ordinary rope, pulls his paint container up with him, and then paints as he climbs down the pole.  WOW!  An amazing job he did and he said as he left, “Thank you for the pleasure and I hope to see you in about 4 years.”  Thanks to Mr. Tucker for a reminder that all people can do something they love as an occupation.

Explorers Present at PLE

Mrs. Tammie Payne’s second grade Explorers class at Poplarville Lower Elementary has just completed their first oral presentations of the 2013-2014 school year.  Throughout this year these students will be making presentations to peers and parents.  This first exercise in public speaking was designed to help them become more confident and relaxed while presenting in public.

Pepperoni Pepper Pizza

Rhonda Hariel’s Kindergarten Class made “Pizza with Peppers and Pepperoni” because they begin with “P."