PLE Poplarville Lower Elementary

The Poplarville Lower Elementary serves students grades Kindergarten through 2nd grade. The campus is located at 804 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470.  
You may reach the Lower Elementary at (voice) (601)795-4736 and (fax) (601) 795-6568.

Principal: Candace Henderson
Assistant Principal: Loletha Needham



PLE December Students of the Month

Pictured From left to right:
Top Row:  B. Smith, M. Lander, L. Harris, M. Martin, K. Martin, B. Sones, K. Ladner
Middle Row: A. Lee, A. Mitchell, Z. Smith, D. Stokes, A. Smith, D. Seals, A. Cannon
Bottom Row:   A. Davis, J. Lambert, Z. Peters, S. Barrow, M. Theriot, Z. McLemore
Not Pictured:  K. Smith, A. Seals

PLE November Students of the Month

Pictured From left to right:
Top Row:  Gabby Oglesby, Jayden Hoffer, Brittany Foster, Josey Davis, Gracie Saizan, Ethan Martin, Abbie Ladner
Middle Row: Jaiden Sullivan, Chris Dillard, Kyleigh Cookmeyer, Cassie Allen, Andrew Robinson, Cruze Sheppard, Chris Smith
Bottom Row:  Dru Kopszywa, Abigail Schultz, Tayde Moreno, Luke Sones, Jayden Raine
Not Pictured:  Kayden Dennis, Montana Love, Kegon Hatfield

Kindergarten Class Sends Letters

Major Heath Harriel is in the United States Army and is stationed in Bagram, Afghanistan.  He is the grandson of a former teacher PLE teacher, Mrs. Ruth Harriel.  When I contacted his wife to get his address to send him something, she said that he had 16 men in his unit and that many of them never get anythiing from home.  She suggested that our class adopt them and send a package for all the men.  She suggested that we send gold bond powder, toothbrushes, toothpaste, slim jims, pop tarts, hard candy, and letters from the students.  Each student colored a paper soldier and wrote a letter. The letter thanked the soldiers for keeping us safe. 
We sent these in the package with the snacks and supplies. Our class collected a 35 pound box.  Mrs. Cindy Sutfin's first grade class donated the cost of postage which was $50.  The men also received a package from Belle Chaise High School where my daughter, Nicole Hariel teaches. So, it really was a joint effort in providing some necessities and snacks for the soldiers.

Santa and City Officials Bring Christmas to PLE

The students at Poplarville Lower Elementary school were visited by City Clerk Mrs. Jody Stuart and Fire Chief Mr. Bobby Strahan.  Mr. Bobby talked to the students about the true meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it.  Mrs. Jody read the students “The Legend of the Candy Cane”.  Afterwards, the students were surprised with a visit from Santa.  Each class was able to take a picture with Santa, and each student received a candy cane with the story of the candy cane attached.

PLE Hot Chocolate Hot Topics

We invite all parents/guardians to join us for some hot chocolate and some hot topics while your child is in school.
Come and share your thoughts, comments, and recommendations about our Title I Program.
Date: December 4, 2014
Time: 1:30-2:00
Place: PLE

Our Heroes Don’t Always Wear Capes

Rhonda Hariel’s Kindergarten Class had a lesson on Veteran’s Day.  The students made soldiers and learned that soldiers are our real heroes.  Mrs. Hariel class is sending to  Major Kevin Heath Harriel and his unit these soldiers that they made along with letters and snacks, toothbrushes and other items.

PLE September Students of the Month

Pictured From left to right:
Top Row:  Charles M., Cadence S., Makayla B., Alissa S., Jace A., Sonny L., Sara S.
Middle Row: Philip B., Salem M., Aniriah G., Magnolia R., Mary J. H., Craig S., Caleb L., Maven L.
Bottom Row:Maddison K., Keeley D., Abigail R., Dylan L., Madelyn C., Kayleigh D.
Not Pictured:  Kaylee C.

PLE Red Ribbon Week

This week PLE celebrated Red Ribbon Week, a national campaign for drug prevention.   Students benefitted from a special presentation by Kim Hart, Health Promotions Coordinator of Pearl River County about the dangers of tobacco use and participated in themed dress up days. While students enjoyed celebrating at school, as a parent you have a strong influence in the life of your child.  Here are some things you can do to help prevent alcohol, tobacco and drug use:
·         Talk early.  Talk often.  Keep talking.  Listen when kids talk.
·         Look for teachable moments, such as while driving in the car.
·         Spend time with your kids.
·         Be clear about boundaries and consequences.
·         Help them plan how to resist peer pressure before it comes.
·         Be a parent, not a friend.  Your kids have plenty of friends. They only have you as a parent.
·         Be a role model.
·         Show your support.  Encourage their interest. Help them to learn from mistakes and move on.
Let them know you care.  Show it.

PLE Goes to Play

The Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students from Poplarville Lower Elementary attended the play Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day presented by the PRCC theater department in the Brownstone Center. The play was about a young boy who was having one of those days everyone dreads.  From waking up with gum in his hair, to the dentist finding a cavity, to finding out his best friend wasn’t his best friend anymore, poor Alexander was really having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. All the students had a fantastic time!

9/11 Remembered at PLE

On September 11, 2014, the students at Poplarville Lower Elementary observed the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks by gathering around the flagpole.  Mrs. April Fowler spoke to the students about the attacks and what happened on that day. The Cub Scouts presented the flag and lead the students in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

MDOT and the "Buckle Family" Come to PLE

The MDOT came to visit Poplarville Lower Elementary students. The students learned about seatbelt safety. They also got to see the “Buckle Family” go for a simulated ride. As the truck flipped over and over, the students observed what would happen to a person if they weren’t wearing their seatbelt. They also got to observe what would happen to them if they were wearing their seatbelt. The students were encouraged to always wear their seatbelt and tell their parents to always wear theirs too!

PFD Visists PLE

The Poplarville Fire Department came to PLE to speak to the children about fire safety. What the children should do in case of a fire was discussed.  The importance of fire drills at home, similar to the way we practice at school, will prepare them for any emergencies that may occur. The students learned about dialing 911 in case of an emergency. They learned why it isn’t a good idea to call 911 if it isn’t an emergency. The students saw the uniforms the firemen wear and the equipment on the fire truck. Then each student was given a glow stick bracelet with “Poplarville Fire Dept.” on it.

PLE August 2014 Student of the Month

Pictured From left to right:
Top Row: T. Lindseth, A. King, E. Dedeaux, J. Ladner, J. Brumfield, B. Comeaux, A. O’Quin, D. Mancusi-Ungaro
Middle Row: L. Rasmusson, A. Cannon, G. Hill, M. Ramsay, M. Davis, L. Lee, K. Gomillion
Bottom Row: B. Sones, C. Saucier, C. Beason, L. Easley, J. C. Johnson, B. Moeller
Not Pictured: C. Bedwell

Kindergarten at the Fair

Rhonda Hariel’s kindergarten class at Poplarville Lower Elementary made paper plate witches and entered them in the Pearl River County Fair.  Two students won blue ribbons, two students won red ribbons, and two students won white ribbons and the rest of the class received green participation ribbons.

PLE Grandparent's Day

On February 28th, the PLE Kindergarten, First grade, and Second grade presented the annual Grandparents’ Day concert.   The program consisted of various patriotic songs such as “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, “You’re a Grand Old Flag”, “America the Beautiful”,  “This Land is Your Land”, and “God Bless the USA”.  Grandparents joined us as we paid homage to our great country.  It was especially cute to see all of the students dressed up in red, white, and blue.  The Grandparents and grandchildren alike all had a great time.

MS First Lady Reads to PLE Students

Mississippi's First Lady, Mrs. Deborah Bryant, visited Poplarville Lower Elementary School as part of her "Read Across Mississippi Tour" to promote reading. Her husband's personal struggles with reading at an early age inspired her to reach out to children. Her goal is to visit at least one school in every county in the state by the end of the year.  
She started with an introduction about the Governor, his job, his family, and the Governor’s mansion.  She had large photographs that just amazed the students.  Then, she read The Little Red Hen.  After reading the book, she had a discussion with the students about how her husband overcame his learning disability and went on to become governor.  She encouraged every child to pursue his or her own dreams, and it starts with reading. After letting the students tell what they wanted to be when they grow up, Mrs. Bryant hugged every one of the students.  She was very nice and the students will never forget her visit.  We were honored to have her read to us!

PLE Students Study Magnets

The first graders at Poplarville Lower Elementary School participated in a magnets experiment facilitated by Mrs. Fowler.  During the experiment, the students reviewed the scientific method.  The students predicted which objects were attracted to magnets.  Then they tested various objects to see if their predictions were correct.  They recorded their findings on a data table.  They also learned a song to help them remember what happens with the north and south ends of the magnets.  They were all excited to tell their parents the results of their experiment!  

Visitor at PLE

Mrs. Fowler visited the first graders at Poplarville Lower Elementary for a space review of geometry. The students had been learning about various geometric solids and their attributes. This lesson incorporated the math lesson along with the story they were reading Ellen Ochoa in Space. As she created the rocket, launch pad, “Houston Mission Control”, observation tower, and radar tower, she reviewed the different 2d and 3d shapes. After using math to build the rocket, science was used to make the rocket fly. An introduction to solids, liquids, and gases helped the students understand a little about the chemical reaction that pushed the rocket up. The students LOVED it!

PLE Students Visit Marine Mammal

The second graders at PLE were engaged in a fun, hands on learning experience on their field trip to The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.
They were able to encounter the touch pool with crabs, sea stars and sea life.  Also, they were able to explore 2000 square feet of interactive exhibits and life -size replicas of sea creatures. We ended the day with a picnic on the grounds at the Mammal Center.