MSP Middle School of Poplarville

The Middle School of Poplarville serves students grades 6th through 8th. The campus is located at 6 Spirit St, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach MSP at (voice) (601) 795-1350 or (fax) (601) 795-1351.

Principal: Heidi Dillon
Assistant Principal: Vicky Boone

MSP Stop Motion Academy Awards

Mrs. Holly Johnson’s 6th Grade Quest Classes held their 1st Annual Stop Motion Academy Awards.
Students learned how to make an original stop motion film and created movies that shared something special to them.
Stop motion takes lots of creativity and patience.  Students transformed the room and stepped out onto the red carpet.
Family and friends helped us celebrate as we took them through the steps of what it takes to make a stop motion film. It was a great success and we look forward to seeing more productions from these bright students in the future.

Trunk or Treat @ MSP

Students with 96% attendance for the month of October will be able to participate in the Middle School of Poplarville's 1st annual Trunk or Treat Celebration on October 31st.
We need parent and community volunteers to make this event a success!! If you can help, please contact Vicki Boone at 601.795.1350.

Hornet Homecoming 2016

For the week of October 12-14, MSP is supporting our Hornet football team during Homecoming Week!! 
Students may participate in the following Homecoming activities:
Wednesday, October 12 - "Walt" Wednesday - Students may wear their favorite Disney Character t-shirt.
Thursday, October 13 - Hornets are "Super" - Students may wear their favorite superhero t-shirt.
Friday, October 14 - Students may wear their favorite Hornet spirit shirt.
Uniform bottoms must be worn daily.


Each school in the district did it!  
Each school met the 96% attendance goal for September.
Teachers and students have earned a "Denim Day" for Friday, October 7th.

8th Grade Students Use Food to Learn Math

Students in Mrs. Gennin's classes have been investigating roots to meet the Mississippi College and Career Readiness Standards. The students have been participating in activities to find square and cube roots and approximating square roots on a number line. 
Students were excited to use Cheez-It crackers as manipulatives during their activity. One student's response was, "Oh yeah! Food helps us to remember experiences! So, this will help my learning!"

PTO Makes Snowballs for MSP Students

MSP staff and students would like to say THANK YOU to the PTO.
On Friday, September 9th, PTO members volunteered to make snowballs for the students. 

On Friday, September 16th, PTO volunteers made snowballs for the 6th grade students to reward them for the highest grade level attendance.
The Poplarville School District PTO is doing great things. If you are not a member, come by the MSP office and join!!

MSP Bus Students of the Month

MSP Hornets Say "BEE Positive!!"
The Middle School of Poplarville have partnered with the bus drivers of the Poplarville School District to recognize and to reward students with outstanding behavior and attitudes.
Each month, every bus driver will choose one student to receive the Bus Student of the Month Award. These students will have their names called out on the intercom and will be able to choose a prize off of the Hornet Reward Cart.
Congratulations to the MSP Bus Students of the Month Award for August.

Super Attendance

Congratulations to Mrs. Liska and Mrs. Rayburn’s 6th grade team for having 100% attendance for the week of September 12 - 16.  Students were treated with snowballs from the PTO!

Keep up the good attendance!

Got Jeans?!?

MSP has reached their 96% attendance goal for August. All students can wear jeans on Friday, September 16th.

As a reminder, your denim pants/jeans/skirts/shorts should be clean, neat, no holes, no low-riders, and of appropriate length – to the knee.


Microscope Mania @ MSP

Sixth graders  at MSP were able to experience “Microscope Mania” in science class with Mrs. Jeanne Sanders.

They learned how to transport microscopes safely, identified the different parts of the compound light microscope, and learned the use of each part. Once the students viewed the specimen under the microscope, they were able to draw what was seen under the microscope, such as a mosquito mouth, human blood cells, and skeletal muscles.







PTO Meeting

PTO Meeting
Tues., Sept. 13th
@ 5:30 P.M.
MSP Library
Hope to see you there!

Hand Hygiene in Health @ MSP

Students in Mrs. Nikki Smith's Health class at the Middle School of Poplarville are learning about proper hygiene this week. 
As a class, they focused on ways to prevent the spread of germs and the correct ways to wash hands. Students were able to participate in the "Glo-Germ" experiment.  Each student rubbed the glo-germ powder on their hands, washed their hands, then placed their hands under a black light to see which spots still contained the "germs" (powder). 
The students were amazed when they noticed the parts of their hands that were not washed well.   The students loved the hands-on experiment and understood the importance of taking time to wash their hands properly!

MSP Hornets Defeat North Woolmarket

Congratulations to the MSP Football players and Cheerleaders! 
Their first game of the 2016 season ended with two wins against North Woolmarket!  The 7th grade football team won 22-20, while the 8th grade team capitalized also with a 26-16 win! 
Way to go, Hornets!  Come out and support the MSP Hornets at their first home game as they play Stone County on Thursday, September 8th, at 5:00 and 6:30.

Meet the Hornets @ MSP

On Thursday, August 18th, Poplarville fans came out to meet the Hornets.
Atheletes, dancers, band members, and the new mascot were introduced and performed for the community.
The MSP fall sports teams recognized were: 7th and 8th grade football players, cheerleaders, track, and slow-pitch softball.

Woodmen of the World Donates Flags to MSP

Woodmen of the World members champion patriotism and proudly provide flags to non-profit organizations. On August 19, 2016, on behalf of the Woodman of World, Denise Amacker, Shawn Lizana, and Johnny Hoggatt presented an American and state flag to the Middle School of Poplarville principal, Mrs. Heidi Dillon.
Mr. Hoggatt spoke to the student body about the history and symbolism of the flag. He briefly spoke to the students to explain that the Woodmen of the World presents flags, promotes good citizenship, and recognizes outstanding citizens.
After Mr. Hoggatt spoke to the students, he presented the flags to Principal Heidi Dillon and the MSP Flag Core. The presentation ended outside around the flagpole as the flags were displayed.

Teens Living for Christ at MSP

On Friday, August 12, 2016, MSP had their first TLC meeting for the school year.  Our guest speaker was Mr. Lee Smith from Derby Baptist Church.  He spoke about hown impressions are one of the first things you make, and they will be with you for life.  God has clothed us with kindness, compassion, humility, gentleness, and patience.  What do you want to be known and remembered for?
On Friday, August 19, 2016, Zach Stockstill from Harvest Barn Ministries in Picayune was our guest speaker.  He spoke about despite what happens in your life there is hope.  Jesus is our hope.  From Joshua 24:12 it says, “Choose you this day whom you will serve…”.  We need to wake up saying, Lord, I am serving you.  Serve Him with the gifts(talents) that He has given us.

MSP BETA Club Helping Louisiana Flood Victims

MSP BETA Club collected items to benefit the victims of the disastrous flooding in Louisiana. ​"When asked their thoughts about the Louisiana Flood Victim Drive, MSP Beta Club students responded..." 
​As seen in the news, this flood was a really bad thing! Louisiana is in my prayers... all things will work together for good! - Lana B.​
Many of the Louisiana flood victims have lost personal belongings that they may never get back such as pictures and their homes where the​y shared many memories made. Although these items can never be replaced, people are coming together to donate items like clothing, food, cleaning supplies, and even shelter. I’m pleased to say that people in our community including PRCC, MSP, churches and others have helped by donating simple items that can change the lives of others.​ - ​Janna P​.

Even though I was only 2 when ​Hurricane ​Katrina hit, I have heard stories about how our state and surrounding states came together to help one another. I think we should repay the deed and come together to help Louisiana. I am proud to be a member of the MSP BETA Club​, and I am happy to see my classmates contributing to this cause. Remember - If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it. - K. Adcox




2016-2017 MSP Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders at the Middle School have been practicing hard for the upcoming football season.  This summer the cheerleaders won many awards at camp.  Great job, girls!
Kat Adcox, Lana Bagley, Audrey Bolin, Cassidy Cartwright, Nadilee Lepkowski, Mackenzie Owen, Janna Peterson, Ren Theriot, Reagynn Beech, Ayden Breaux, Anya Lopez, Olivia Reid, Madison Rester, Anna Tynes, Nicole Ware, and Jade Yates

1st place: Cheer

2nd Place: Extreme Routine

2nd Place: Sideline Routine

Superior Team Award

Overall Game Day Champions
MSP Cheerleaders are ready for Football Season! Join the MSP Cheerleaders at "Meet The Hornets" on Thursday, August 18th, 2016, at the PHS Football Stadium beginning at 7:00pm.

MSP Open House - Annual Title I Meeting

MSP Open House/Title I Meeting will be on Tuesday, August 16 at 6:00.
The meeting will begin in the cafeteria to review pertinent school information, and then parents and students will visit the classrooms.
PTO membership is $5.00.