MSP Middle School of Poplarville

The Middle School of Poplarville serves students grades 6th through 8th. The campus is located at 6 Spirit St, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach MSP at (voice) (601) 795-1350 or (fax) (601) 795-1351.

Principal: Heidi Dillon
Assistant Principal: Vicky Boone

The Hunger for Knowledge Games Come to MSP

On Thursday, November 21, 2013, forty-nine of MSP’s bravest students gathered together to compete in the third annual Hunger for Knowledge Games.  To recreate the settings of both “The Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire”novels, the Middle School gym was transformed into an arena featuring a golden Cornucopia, tarps to simulate water, and dodge balls to echo the weapons of the novel.  After two rounds of dodge ball played Hunger Games-style, two tributes were left standing:  Janelle Johnson, the seventh grade victor, and Peytan Graham, the eighth grade victor. Ben Neff was awarded an honorary place as victor as well because of his excellent sportsmanship.  As victor, Janelle Johnson received a prize pack filled to the brim with Hunger Games memorabilia.  Ben Neff attended the “Catching Fire” field trip with the seventh grade on Friday, November 22.  As always, a great time was had by all, and Effie Trinket made a special appearance! 
Special thanks must be given to Ms. Lisa Morgan and Mrs. Tonya Mixon for constructing the Cornucopia.  Also, thanks goes to Ms. Liska Lodrigues for loaning many supplies to make the arena possible. 

8th Graders Attend P2P

On Thursday, November 14th, the 8th grade students at the Middle School of Poplarville attended an interactive career expo at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Convention Center called Pathways2Possibilities.  The career expo provided an opportunity for experts in several fields to demonstrate their many duties and responsibilities through many hands on exhibits.   These real life, hands on experiences helped students realize that the next four years of their lives are critical in determining their future career choices. 

MSP Students Using New York Times

Ms. Leigh Ann’s and Mrs. Goins’ ICT II classes are using the New York Times to enhance their vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing skills.  The activities integrate informational text to meet Common Core standards as well as foster critical thinking.  The students enjoy reading about ICT II relative content and concepts.  Student interest has been sparked about events happening in our nation and world.

Seventh Grade is Digging Deep Using Allusion

In Ms. Murray and Mrs. Aube’s language arts classes, students have dedicated their attention to the study of allusion in The Hunger Games.  While Ms. Murray’s classes investigated a nonfiction text titled You Wouldn’t Want to Be a Roman Gladiator, they created a list of connections, or allusions, between the nonfiction text and the fictional world of The Hunger Games.  Students justified their allusions by paraphrasing the novel and citing page numbers in both texts.  In Mrs. Aube’s classes, a study of Greek mythology and the myth of “Icarus and Daedalus” led to a competition between classes to find the class with the deepest understanding of allusions to the myth in The Hunger Games novel.  Students created depth analysis charts to connect the relationship of Daedalus and Icarus to Katniss and Rue of the novel, and page numbers were used to justify their inferences.  The next phase of the allusion study moves students into providing a written response of their inferences using proper MLA citation for their evidence! 

Studying Physical Science at MSP

Eighth grade students in Mrs. Hester’s Science class have been studying the Law of Conservation of Mass.  Students participated in a lab in which they have to determine the mass before and after various chemical reactions.  The Law of Conservation of Mass tells us that mass is neither created nor destroyed in chemical reactions. In other words, the mass of any one element at the beginning of a reaction will equal the mass of that element at the end of the reaction.  Students observed and measured the mass of popcorn kernels before and after being popped and compared their mass.  Working in small groups students also measured the mass of a chemical reaction both before and after the reaction.  Students were surprised to see first hand that although things changed physically they still maintained their original mass.


Book Fair at MSP

The Middle School of Poplarville will host a Scholastic Book Fair Monday, Oct. 7- Friday, Oct. 11 from 7:45-3:30 in the MSP Libary and will stay open until 4:30 on Wednesday. The book fair will  feature a wide range of books for young teens and adults, including mystery and adventure novels, fantasy trilogies, sports guides, manga, and the latest bestsellers from more than 150 publishers. Parents, children, teachers, and the community are invited to attend. To preview some of the things the 2013 Scholastic Book Fair has to offer, watch the following video -

You may also view our ONLINE BOOK FAIR which makes it possible for students and parents to browse the Book Fair from home. They can make a list and then come purchase the items in the MSP Library. The Online Book Fair shows only the books and not items such as pencils, pens, bookmarks, erasers, etc. that are available.  The Online Book Fair also allows students who have family members and friends who cannot attend our Book Fair or who live out of town can have the chance to participate in our school’s Book Fair by shopping at our website: may shop the Online Book Fair Oct. 2-22. All items purchased in the Online Book Fair will be shipped to the school and will be delivered to the students.

WIN BIG!!! When a student comes to the Book Fair and spends at least $20 in one purchase, he/she will have his/her name entered into a drawing for one of two $50 gift certificates to spend at the Book Fair on Friday. Two names will be drawn. The drawings will take place at 2:45 Thursday and the winners will be immediately announced over the intercom.