MSP Middle School of Poplarville

The Middle School of Poplarville serves students grades 6th through 8th. The campus is located at 6 Spirit St, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach MSP at (voice) (601) 795-1350 or (fax) (601) 795-1351.

Principal: Heidi Dillon
Assistant Principal: Vicky Boone

MSP Easter Egg Hunt

The students at the Middle School of Poplarville were rewarded with an Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, March 27th. Students who had 100% attendance for the month of March without any check-ins or check-outs were able to participate.
The students hunted for prize eggs and won cash prizes, free skating passes, McDonald's & Subway gift cards, free ice cream from Sonic, and many other special gifts! Refreshments were provided by our wonderful MSP parents, and the eggs were donated by the PTO.
Kelton H. won the prize egg worth $20.00. The students said they had a great time and enjoyed the 1st annual Easter Egg Hunt!

MSP Celebrates Academics & Behavior

Renaissance Rallies and Funtastic is Thursday, March 26th. Rallies are to recognize students who have perfect attendance, no discipline referrals, and excelled academically. Funtastic is to reward students who have no disciline referrals.
The obstacle course and frisbee tournament are free of charge.  Cost for other activities is $5 for armband or $2 for tickets. Refreshments will be sold in the concession area.

MSP Celebrates Ultimate Pi Day

Students in Mrs. Gennin’s math classes celebrated this year’s epic Pi Day a day early! Students volunteered to bring in pies of various sizes and flavors for a hands-on review of the circumference and area of circles. In each class, students measured the diameter of the pies and calculated the circumference and area of the pies. Students then were able to eat the pies while they took a quiz on circumference and area of circles to wrap up this week’s studies.

Professor Lipsmacker visits TLC

Professor Lipsmacker visited the Middle School of Poplarville on Friday, March 13th to speak at TLC, Teens Living for Christ.
He performed a science experiment to get the students' attention. Professor Lipsmacker took a half grape and placed it under a glass jar in the microwave oven for 20 seconds. After a few seconds, a fire ball, which seemed to be plasma, appeared upon the grape. The microwave created an electric current in the grape because of the ions. When the tiny links between the two half-parts is broken it creates an electric arc. The students were excited and Professor Lipsmacker definitely got the students' attention.
Professor Lipsmacker stressed to the students the little things in our lives matter. He compared the importance of the tiny links causing the experiment to work just like the small things in our lives matter to God. Everything we do, every problem we have (no matter how big or small), every decision we make is important to God. 

MSP Cheerleaders Perform for the PTO

The Poplarville School District PTO met on Tuesday, March 10th, at the Middle School of Poplarville. The MSP cheerleaders performed and did an excellent job. 
The PTO is raffling off a Kubota lawnmower on April 25th. Tickets are $10.00 and can be bought in the front office at MSP, other schools and at businesses around town. Support your PTO and become involved so that our students can have the best educational experience possible!
A special thanks to all who have already become members and are actively invovled in making a difference!

MSP Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration of achievements by black Americans and a time for recognizing the central role of African Americans in U.S. history. 
Mrs. Allred’s eighth grade ELA students took advantage of an extra credit visual report for the month February by completing a visual report on a notable figure of African descent. Students had the choice of creating a slide show or designing a poster board. Janelle J. chose to focus her report on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while Brix C. chose Olympic medal winner Jesse Owens. Angela A. decided on Condoleezza Rice from our era.

MSP Nerd Herd has a Snack Attack

MSP is proud to announce that enrollment in our technology club is at an all-time high with roughly 56 students signed up. Students in the club are involved in community outreach projects, STEM challenges, and computer projects. MSP is proudly providing our students with first-hand technology experiences!
MSP’s Nerd Herd recently completed a STEM challenge utilizing one of our favorite things – SNACKS!
Students had to choose between using sugar cubes or Oreos and were competing with their peers. In the Oreo challenge, students were given a set number of Oreos and were instructed to construct the tallest freestanding tower.  The sugar cube groups were given a box of sugar cubes and frosting and were instructed to design and create an arch that they felt would hold the most weight.
The arches will be tested in our upcoming meeting! The students enjoy being a member of Nerd Herd and are excited about testing their creative masterpieces. 

2015 MSP Whos's Who

Middle School of Poplarville 2015 Who’s Who Results
Miss MSP: Seana Rains
Mr. MSP: Ross Barnett
Grade 6
Grade 7
Grade 8
     Most Athletic          
Cassidy Cartwright
Aislynn Andrews
Rakeya Travis
Torry Polk
Blaise Breerwood
Antonio Barnes
Class Favorite
Evelyn Kimball
Star Newson
Mckenzie Wash
John Patrick Rush
Jordan Bolton
Mario Barnes
Most School Spirit
Jada Travis
Harper Pearson
Hunter Blackwell
Rhett Garrett
Austin Ashley
Most Artistic
Elizabeth Arbo
Brittany Slade
Danielle Arbo
Cole Larkin
Kevin Hart
Brandon Kennedy
Most Helpful
Audrey Bolin
Ravyn Garrett
Anjolie Francis
Zack Chauncy
Paxton Ladner
Mollie Brown
Macey Head
Seana Rains
Mason Anderson
Keith Herndon
Jasper Sanders
Most Likely to Succeed
Juliana Wells
Renee Harris
Mary Ruth Pridmore
Maddux Francis
Christian Couvillion
Canaan Ray

The Penny Lab

Mrs. Brittany's 6th grade science class wrapped up their inquiry science objective with "The Penny Lab". They used the Scientific Method to see how many drops of water a penny could hold. "I hypothesized that my penny would only hold 6 drops and it really held 48 drops" one student said.  "I was a little surprised". Mrs. Brittany's class is excited about science and is ready to begin learning the world's biomes this week!

Oh, Goodie!

Students of the Middle School’s Technology club, affectionately called Nerd Herd, have been busy sharing their skills with our community.
In December, students made goodie bags and designed holiday cards for the patients of the Pearl River County Nursing Home and the South Mississippi Regional Center. The students used their computer skills to create personalized cards. They sent the cards and goodies to help spread holiday cheer to the patients!


MSP's MATHCOUNTS Sponsor, Mrs. Gennin, along with Mrs. Mitchell took a group of students to the chapter competition at The University of Southern Mississippi - Gulf Park campus in Long Beach on Friday, February 20th. The MATHCOUNTS Competition Series is the only competition program of its kind and is ideal for students who have a talent and passion for math who need to be challenged. MSP’s students were engaged in exciting, “bee-style” contests in which they competed against and alongside other bright, motivated students.
MSP placed 3rd in the competition! Chris Castaneda and Olivia Branum were in the top 25% of students!  All of our students did a fabulous job! 

Dillon Named Poplarville School District Administrator of the Year

Heidi Dillon was chosen to represent the Poplarville School District as the 2014-2015 Administrator of the Year. She has been an educator for eighteen years and is presently serving as the principal of the Middle School of Poplarville. Mrs. Dillon is an instructional leader. She has high standards and expectations for herself and others. Her personality and enthusiasm is contagious.

Since Mrs. Dillon has become the principal, she has implemented programs to increase student attendance, teacher morale, student achievement, and parental involvement.  She nurtures, supports, and leads a dynamic learning community that works collaboratively to strengthen the academic and social achievement of students and the relationship between home, school, and community.  She is always looking for ways to improve the school and then figures out how to make these improvements no matter how difficult it might be. She takes responsibility both in success and failures of the school. She puts the needs of others in front of her own. Her goal is to always do what is best for the students.


Mrs. Dillon recognizes the small things that make such a large impact on providing a school environment that promotes a positive school culture and increases student learning. Teachers, students, and parents are recognized for their hard work. School wide events are planned to motivate students to perform academically and to promote positive behavior and attendance. For example, students with 96% attendance or above were able to participate in “Dancing in the Streets” with Momma V from Kicker 108. “Coffee Talk with the Principal” has been implemented to encourage parental involvement and allow parents to have a voice. Mrs. Dillon has been duct taped to the wall to encourage student attendance, has recognized teachers for their hard works, and continues to manage the school and work as a team player while facing the ongoing changes in education. Mrs. Dillon has led trainings to help teachers grow professionally, worked with community members to develop partnerships, and has continued to find time to tutor students who are having difficulty with math skills.


The sky is the limit with Mrs. Dillon. She is a natural leader who takes whatever steps are needed to ensure that the students are receiving the best educational experience.





MSP Writing Club Presents Poetry to Poplarville PTO

During this month’s PTO meeting, MSP’s Writing Club presented writing samples to demonstrate what they have learned in the creative writing craft.  Writing Club members, including Alice M., Sadie P., DJ R., Maya S., and Lindsay S., presented examples of their poetry, reflecting their new mastery of haiku and lyric poem structure.  Inspirations for their presentations ranged from popular dystopian themes in young adult literature to experimentation with sounds and rhyme as used by the famous author Dr. Seuss.  As an alumnus of Writing Club, Kaitlyn S. also presented a unique lyric poem dedicated to the struggles with depression faced by her close friends—a poem that contained a message of hope to which many PTO members responded personally.  
It must be noted that all Writing Club members give up one hour weekly for an after-school creative writing class that is CCSS-aligned and prepares them for more advanced writing by exposing the rules of writing in a tangible way.  The Writing Club allows for self-expression paired with an exploration of deeper writing tasks that cannot be completed within the traditional classroom.  The Writing Club exists solely because of the dedication of its members, and the members, as well Mrs. Aube, are honored the PTO chose to recognize them at this month’s meeting.
Be looking for Writing Club’s yearly anthology of works titled “The UnNamed,” to be released May 2015.

MSP Recognizes Outstanding Students

Middle School students attended the Renaissance Rally to recognize them for  perfect attendance, no discipline referrals, and academics for the 2nd nine weeks.
The criteria to be in the Diamond Club, Platinum Club, and Gold Club is based on grades, attendance, and behavior. Teachers presented "WOW" awards to the student in each class that worked hard, had a great attitude, and exhibited exceptional behavior. 
The React Team led the rally and played games with the students to celebrate and recognize them for their hard work and dedication!
The following pictures are of students that received the WOW Awards for the 2nd nine weeks.

Mardi Gras Comes to MSP through The Hunger Games

While reading The Hunger Games in Mrs. Aube’s and Ms. Murray’s seventh grade language arts classes, students practice for upcoming MCT3 testing by discussing allusions to Greek mythology as well as character motivation and name symbolism in the novel by Suzanne Collins.  To expand the discussion, students create Mardi Gras masks to “allude” to a character from The Hunger Games or any novel previously read in class.

In order to receive a perfect score, students not only createthe mask; they also write an argumentative piece including a claim statement and text-based evidence cited with MLA citations to justify their allusions.  Currently, samples of the students’ work are on display in the seventh grade hallway, and Ms. Murray and Mrs. Aube are proud of the students’ final products!







TLC Draws Big Crowds at MSP

Within the months of January and February, MSP’s Teens Living for Christ (TLC) has hosted breakfast and lively speakers for its student participants.  Two weeks ago, members were treated to a breakfast of donut holes provided by the TLC officers along with a short video of Christian-themed comedy.  Over 100 students were in attendance.  Last week’s meeting featured Tyler Ball, a former Poplarville District student, who spoke about the power of music and how positive choices begin with something as simple as the songs students listen to on their way to school.   Likewise, this meeting drew in over 100 students.  In the coming weeks, Tyler Ball will return to continue his discussion of modern music, and live musicians will be featured, as well as other local, influential speakers.  
It is important to remember that TLC is entirely student-run, so none of this would be possible without the hard work of the TLC officers, their parents, and the support of the local community to bring positive messages to the MSP student body.


MSP’s BETA members were invited to bring their rocking chairs and to spend the night at the middle school on Friday, February 6th.  We traveled to Space Tag in Ellisville, MS for a fun night of laser tag and driving go-carts and bumper cars.
When they arrived back to the middle school, they got comfy in their rocking chairs. They rocked, watched movies, rocked, played video games, rocked, talked, rocked, and snacked until 6:30 Saturday morning.
MSP's BETA Club is made up of 7th and 8th grade students who had an 87 average or above in ALL subjects first semester.  #mspbeta2015

Yearbook Sales at MSP

Reserve your 2014-15 Yearbook Today!


Yearbooks can be ordered online at Our yearbook printer, Picaboo Yearbooks, offers four free personalized pages with each yearbook. This is optional. To utilize this feature, you must order online and follow the attached instructions. Additional pages are available for purchase for $.99 each.


Contact Tammy Goins at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for questions about personalizing.

You have a choice of a hard or soft cover.

Hard Cover is $35.00 and Soft Cover is $27.00





MSP Spring Book Fair

MSP Book Fair

February 10th - 13th

7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Family Night

Feb. 10th 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.