MSP Middle School of Poplarville

The Middle School of Poplarville serves students grades 6th through 8th. The campus is located at 6 Spirit St, Poplarville, MS 39470. You can reach MSP at (voice) (601) 795-1350 or (fax) (601) 795-1351.

Principal: Heidi Dillon
Assistant Principal: Vicky Boone

Bus Procedures

Students who do not go home their regular way need a note. Bus notes must include the student's name and address including the street  number and name.
Students without a note will have to go home their regular way. You can send a note by your child,  fax the school a note to 601-795-1351, or come by the school to drop off a note. 
Thank you for your understanding! We follow these procedures to ensure the safety of your child.

MSP Students Integrate Art & Literature

Mrs. Bridget and Mrs. Hailey's students read the story Poor Pat. This story was about a parrot that pecked a pot and broke it. 
The students learned about parrots and pottery. For a culminating activty, the students made pots from clay.

Dancing in the Streets at MSP

On October 30, 2015 the Middle School of Poplarville hosted "Dancing in the Streets" with Danny "Donut" from the Gorilla.
Students who had 96% or above attendance for the month of October had the opportunity to enjoy an afternoon of fun. PTO members sold ice-cream and students socialized and danced.
Incentives like this are planned throughout the year to motivate the students and to stress the importance of attending school regularly.

Brother Tageant Shares the Message with the MSP TLC Students

On November 6, 2015, TLC was proud to host Brother Breaux Tageant  who is a member of Juniper Grove Baptist Church. 
Brother Breaux asked the students two questions: 1. If you could meet a role model who would it be? and 2. What is the neatest thing you would want to do with this role model?" He left the kids with the following message " Jesus desires to express His life through His children."  
TLC would like to offer a special thanks to Brother Breaux for taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us. He was invited by TLC Officer MacKenzie.

2015 MSP Cheerleader Competition

On October 7th, the MSP Cheerleaders traveled to Jackson, MS to compete in the 2015 Southern Spirit Cheer and Dance Competition.
The girls worked hard and it paid off!! They won 1st place in their division and will be traveling to Ocean Springs on November 14th to compete for the state championship.
We are so proud of our MSP cheerleaders!

2015 MSP Veteran's Day Program

The Middle School of Poplarville will present a Veterans Day breakfast and program on Wednesday, November 11, 2015. Breakfast will be served in the MSP cafeteria at 8:00 a.m. with the program following at 9:00 a.m. in the gym. Veterans and their spouses are invited to come and take part in these events. If you are a spouse of a fallen veteran, you are also invited to attend.

Happy Halloween from MSP

On October 30th, teachers dressed up and participated in the Halloween Parade of Teachers at the Middle School of Poplarville.   
The students lined the halls as the 6th Grade Witches, 7th Grade Disney Heroes and Villans, 8th Grade Athletes, clowns, Wildcat baseball players, and Teenage Mutuant Ninga Turtles strolled the halls to Halloween music.
MSP would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!!


WHEN: November 18th at 3:30.
WHAT TO DO: See ELA teacher for word list

Sweet Genius - Halloween Wars Edition

6th grade Quest students from Mrs. Johnson’s class participated in a Sweet Genius – Halloween Wars Edition Competition.
Each student was given a large size brownie and as many trips as necessary to the food bar which contained candies, marsh mellows, icing, etc. This competition started out by having each competitor pick a scroll from a hat which would tell them what Halloween character they would replicate. The creative juices began to flow from there. After a few minutes of brainstorming, the countdown began.
Each person had 45 minutes to gather, design, and execute. At the end, each student explained and discussed with the judges (Mrs. Vicki and Coach Johnson) what his/her character was made from and how they executed their product so well.
It was a very hard decision, but in the end, our winner of this year’s Sweet Genius – Halloween Wars Edition went to Kamron Billiot who replicated the Halloween scarecrow. Great job to everyone who participated.


MSP Student Council's annual food drive for Brother’s Keeper Ministries is happening now until Friday, November 13th.  Please donate nonperishable food items to benefit local residents.
Student council representatives have placed food collection boxes in each classroom. At MSP, we would like to encourage everyone to pay-it-forward by giving to others. 
The three sixth grade teams will compete with each other to bring in the most food items, and the winning team will earn a popcorn party. Also, the top two classes out of all seventh and eight grade homerooms that collect the most food items will earn a popcorn party.

MSP Paints the Halls Pink to Promote Cancer Awareness

MSP is supporting Cancer Awareness Month by painting the halls pink. Classess have decorated their doors and bulletin boards to show support.
Students in Mrs. Nikki Smith's health class painted pumpkins and decorated the front entrance of the school with a fall display to show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
"Bee Aware - Show You Care!"

“One-on-One” with Decimals

The students in Ms.Goins' seventh grade class not only tested their basketball skills, but also used basketball to learn more about fractions.
The students were divided up into teams, and had two rounds to shoot.  For round one, each student was allowed one shot, and in round two, each student shot twice. During each round, they had to keep up with their makes and misses. Using this information, they had to write a fraction for their makes and misses for their total amount shot as a team. Once they found their fractions, they had to change them into decimals. Last, they had to compare their fractions for round one and two makes, and round one and two misses. 
The students had a  blast learning about fractions and decimals!

1st 9 Week Renaissance Rally

The Middle School of Poplarville students attended the Renaissance Rally on October 14, 2015. Students were recognized for perfect attendance, no discipline referrals, and academics. The criteria to be in the Diamond Club, Platinum Club, and Gold Club was based on the students' grades, no discipline referrals, and no more than 3 abscences.
Teachers presented "WOW" awards to the student in each class that worked hard, had a great attitude, and exhibited exceptional behavior. 
Students received 100 point cards throughout the nine weeks for making 100's on assignments. Three names were drawn from each grade to receive $5 gift cards from Subway, Pizza Hut, McDonald's, and Burger King. 
The React Team led the rally and played games with the students to celebrate and recognize them for their hard work and dedication!
Gabrielle F., Alexis D.,& Hunter J., 
Clay M., Kaitlyn W., & Quentin B.
Abby H., Zane M., & Beau M.

MSP Celebrates the 50th Day of School

To celebrate the 50th day of school, the students at the Middle School of Poplarville wore 50's outfits to school and listened to 50's music throughout the day.

MSP Students Met 96% Attendance Goal

Students at MSP met their 96% attendance goal for the months of August and September.

Principal Heidi Dillon promised the students if they would attend school regularly and meet the 96% attendance goal then she would kiss a pig.

The students had a blast watching the administrators and some of their teachers kiss a pig! 








MSP 6th Grade Students Visit the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

What an amazing field trip! The MSP students had a blast!!! The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport did an outstanding job with our 6th graders!! 
The students were able to pet stingrays, sea stars, a shark, and other sea creatures. They learned about birds, sea turtles, and other reptiles. Many of the students said the dolphin and sea lion shows were their favorite part.
The Institute for Marine Mammals is an amazing place to visit!

Lights, Stars, and Planets!

6th Grade Quest students enjoyed discovering how astronomers use lights to study the stars and planets. Our class was visited by Mrs. April Fowler, who showed and taught us all about how this works. We learned about spectroscopy and how it could possibly be the most powerful tool that astronomers use.  Once you take light from a star, planet, or galaxy and pass it through a spectroscope it is a lot like a prism. It splits the light into its component colors. We also learned that spectroscopy tells you a star’s temperature, mass, and surface gravity. The students thoroughly enjoyed this experience and gained lots of new knowledge.

MSP Teens Living for Christ Celebrate See You at the Pole

The Middle School of Poplarvile Teens Living for Christ, TLC,  was proud to participate in the national See You at the Pole event on Wednesday, September 23rd at 7:30 a.m. All around the globe, in every time zone, students gathered at their flagpoles praying for their school, friends, families, churches, and communities. See You at the Pole is a day committed to global unity in Christ and prayer.
TLC partnered with Bro. Shannon Marshall from The Beginnings Church to speak about the topic "United" which was the theme this year for See You at the Pole.  TLC would like to offer a special thanks to Bro. Shannon Marshall for taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us as we celebrated this national event. 

Healthy Eating

Health classes at the Middle School entered the Pearl River County Fair exhibit with their projects called, "Healthy Eating" posters.  Students did a wonderful job integrating their knowledge of healthy eating into a fun project! 
Gabriel K.  won 1st place and Conner M. placed 2nd place (shown in picture).  Other students who placed were:  Beau M.- 2nd place, Logan B.- 3rd place, Tyler S.- 3rd place, and Zachery C. - 1st place.  The other students received a participation ribbon. 
All the students did a GREAT JOB!