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This section of our District website is devoted to health, nutrition, and wellness. Information related to these topics, including recipes, health tips, and illness prevention, will be shared here by your School Nurses  : )  Please check back frequently to view the most up to date information!
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10 Benefits of Family Meals

  1. Eating together provides time that kids can count on spending with their parents.
  2. Kids who share at least four meals with their families do better on achievement tests than those who eat three or fewer meals with their families.
  3. Kids' thinking skills and linguistic development improve. (This may be due to the longer conversations that tend to take place during family meals.)
  4. Family meals contribute to a child's healthy development even more than play or story time.
  5. Teens that eat more meals with their families are less likely to be depressed.
  6. Teenagers who share more family meals are less likely to take drugs.
  7. Eating more meals together also results in teens' being more motivated to learn.
  8. Teens who share more family meals experience better relationships with their families and friends.
  9. Kids who are in the habit of eating with their families eat more vegetables.
  10. Kids who share family meals drink less soda.