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Welcome to the District Offices of Poplarville School District.
Our address is 302 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470.
You can reach us at (voice) (601) 795-8477 or (fax) (601) 795-0712.

Superintendent of Schools:  Carl Merritt

Federal Programs Director and Director of Curriculum:  Konya Miller
Special Services Director:  Shannon Anderson
Technology Coordinator and Student Data:  Stephen Seal
Director of Finance: Samantha Sandifer

Transportation Director:  Ed Sternod
Maintenance Director:  Gene Stevens
Food Services Director:  Gwen Seal


School Board Members:
Samuel Gentry, Lisa Graves, Violine Jordan, Shirline Magee, Tommy Strahan




Mississippi Believe It!



After promoting the virtues and culture of Mississippi for the past 11 years, The Cirlot Agency relaunched the Mississippi, Believe It! campaign by introducing four new public service ads, as well as updating the entire campaign with relevant content about the people, places and spirit of Mississippi. Additionally, the ads have been developed into lesson plans for 4th grade students, which cover areas of music, economics, geography, government, biology, history, and English.


Using inspiration from the ad campaign, the fourth grade team at Poplarville Upper Elementary created the “Mississippi, Believe It!”play. This year will be the ninth year a version of the play will be presented. Each class will present a skit featuring a different poster in the ad campaign.


The fourth grade students invite you to join them and their families at the Poplarville Upper Elementary Gym on Thursday, December 15th, at 6:00 p.m. as they present “Mississippi, Believe It!”






PUE Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Ms. Missy Barham, PUE's Teacher of the Year.  Ms. Barham was selected by her colleagues for this award.  
Ms. Barham is a graduate of USM with a degree in Elementary Education.  She started teaching at PUE in 2012 and taught 4th grade for 2 years and then moved to 3rd grade, where she has been for the past 3 years.  For the past two years, she has served as grade chair on the PUE Leadership Team.  
Some of Ms. Barham's thoughts on teaching are summed up in the following statement.
 " I believe teaching is a calling.  Each teacher has his or her own preference, gifts, and talents.  I prefer teaching the sweet ages of 7-10.  My passion is for all students to feel successful and that they enjoy coming to school!  I want to be able to learn something new every day just as I want my students to.  I think greeting each one of them at the door sets the tone for the day!  They seem to like it as well.  Knowing that I can make a difference in these young children's lives makes me love teaching even more!"
Congratulations Missy Barham!

PHS Math Teacher Position

The Poplarville Special Municipal Separate School District, 302 South Julia Street, Poplarville, MS 39470, is now taking applications for the position of  high school math teacher.

Applications will be received at the central office. Applications may be downloaded at www.poplarvilleschools.org.

Applicants with questions should contact Mr. Jon Will, Principal, at 601-795-8424.

The Poplarville School District does not discriminate on the basis of Sex, Race, Religion, Color, National Origin, Age, or Handicap.


5th Grade Play Thursday Night

The 5th grade class will present "Rock and Roll Forever" Thursday night at 6:00 in the PUE gym.  We hope to see you there!

Bus #60 Decked out for Halloween

With spiders and webs along with skeletons and candy corn lights hanging from our bus ceiling, all students on bus #60 wish a Happy Halloween to everyone. 

Road Work Starts on Monday

Beginning Monday, October 24, 2016, road construction is set to begin on the underpass on Main Street in Poplarville.  This area of the roadway will be completely blocked, and drivers will need to find an alternate route to move from one side of the city of Poplarville to the other.  If there are no delays, construction is expected to last one to two weeks.

As always, thank you for your cooperation


Students having perfect attendance for the months of October 2016 and November 2016 will be eligible for a drawing at each school for a chromebook!

If you have any questions about this contest please ask your principal.

We can’t wait to put your name in our hat!





MDE Releases Family Guides for Student Success to Support Parents

Pamphlet Cover
JACKSON, Miss. – The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE)developed family guides to assist with grade-level at home strategies and activities that support both student and parent understanding of the English language arts and mathematics standards. Parents can use the activity booklets at home to support what their children are learning in the classroom.
The Family Guide for Student Success booklets outline what children should know and be able to do in English language arts and mathematics at each grade level from pre-kindergarten through 8thgrade. Dr. Carey Wright, state superintendent of education, said parents understand best their child’s needs, strengths, abilities and interests, and they can partner with their child’s teacher to provide opportunities to learn and grow.
“Parents are their child’s first teacher in life. That responsibility doesn’t end when a child enters school. These guides were created to encourage parents and children by reinforcing classroom activities at home and to build a strong partnership with their teachers,” Wright said.
The guides list expectations for children at each grade level and activities that families can do at home. They will be translated into Spanish and available to parents and teachers in October.
Robin Lemonis, MDE’s director of Student Intervention Services in the Office of Elementary Education and Reading, led the project to create the booklets as a resource for parents who wanted to help their children reach learning goals but needed examples of how to do it.
“Often parents do not understand the terminology and methodology associated with the standards that their child is expected to learn in each individual grade. This project stemmed from my desire to simplify the language used within the standards so parents could help support their child’s learning. In addition, it provides teachers with an opportunity to communicate the needs of the student and offers them a chance to model and share these simple strategies and activities with parents,” she said.
MDE staff and Mississippi teachers contributed their expertise and time in the development of the guides. The following teachers contributed to the guides: Brandy Howell with the Itawamba County School District, Beth Garcia with the Rankin County School District, Jena Howie with the Yazoo City Municipal School District, and Janalee Leak and Paula Phillips with the North Tippah School District.
“I want to thank staff and teachers for all the hard work they put into creating these booklets. I believe that these resources will help build students’ knowledge and skills and provide a strong foundation for academic success,” Wright said.
The guides can be found here http://mdek12.org/ESE/Guides

New Fire Alarm Systems Tested

Fire Drill Photo
The district has installed new and upgraded fire alarm systems throughout all schools in the Poplarville School District. Ben Whatley, Network Manager of the Poplarville School District's IT department (PSD-IT), headed up the massive project and worked closely with Poplarville Fire Chief, Jonathan Head, to focus on student, faculty, and community safety. 
"It was well worth the time and effort to keep kids safe in the district," Whatley stated looking back over the project. "Fire Chief Head was right there with us from the beginning. We'd like to thank him so much for all the time he put into this project over the summer."
All schools have drilled for fire emergencies since the beginning of the school year. All staff, students, and visitors participated in campus drills. System checks are also monitored during the drills by Whatley, SRO Al Tynes, PSD officer Joe Smith, and each school's administrators. The new system is monitored 24/7. 

Eruptions in 4th grade

Picture of students watching demostration
Students in 4th grade have been learning some valuable information about our planet Earth.  They had to locate each of the seven continents and the four oceans on a map.  They learned about map skills----compass rose, scale, legend, latitude lines, longitude lines, etc.  They have also been viewing videos and lessons about volcanoes.  During this time, Mrs. April Fowler has conducted numerous volcano experiments with the classes.  She brought a model of the Earth and reviewed the seven continents and the four oceans with the students.  She also talked about the different types of volcanoes giving descriptions of each….composite, cinder, shield.  She demonstrated a cinder volcano using baking soda and vinegar.  She also demonstrated a composite volcano using Diet Coke and Mentos.  The students really enjoyed these experiments, especially when she gave them Pop Rocks to experience an eruption in their mouth!
Bottle Exploding