CDC Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) is located at 9 Career Center Circle, Poplarville, MS 39470. It is conveniently situated directly on the Poplarville High School Campus and serves PHS students interested in pursuing a Career Pathway in one of the following Career Clusters:

·         Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
·         Arts, A/V Technology & Communication
·         Health Science
·         Hospitality & Tourism
·         Marketing, Sales & Distribution
For more information, you can contact the CDC at (voice) (601) 795-8343 and (fax) (601) 795-1353.

Principal: Dr. Marlene Cole

STEM Visits Horticulture Center

The Poplarville High School STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) classes visited Thad Cochran Horticulture Center Friday,December 12, 2014.  This is the fourth year that the STEM classes have toured the center.  This tour is a part of a nontraditional activity to encourage girls to enter nontraditional careers, such as engineering.  The boys are included in the activity, we hope to encourage both male and female students to push themselves in their high school classes so that they will be prepared to go into a STEM Career. Mr. Scott Langlois, Industrial Engineer,  Dr. Blair Sampson and Mr. Chris Werle, Entomologists, Dr. Timothy A. Rinehare, Research Plant Molecular Geneticist (Pictured), and Dr. Anthony Witcher, Horticulturist spoke to the students on their tour.  

Steak Dinner at CDC

Mr. Keith Broom is shown serving Dillian K. a steak dinner Friday, December 5, 2014.  Mr. Broom teaches Science of Agriculture Animals as part of his AEST Program in the CDC. The students study how to properly choose, raise and care for a variety of animals from birth all the way through to meat processing. At the conclusion of this class, Mr. Broom treats the students to a steak and potato meal at lunchtime.

Project SUCCESS at CDC

The Poplarville Career Development Center's CTE students completed Project SUCCESS on Wednesday, December 2, 2014.  Project Success teaches the CTE students how to complete a job application, construct a professional resume', compose letters associated with the job search process,the proper dress for an interview, and finally participate in a job interview. The following members of our community graciously accepted our invitation to interview our students during the mock job interview portion of this project:  Mr. William Kennedy, Subway Owner, Mrs. Debbie Lee, Catfish Cottage Owner, and Mr. Jason Meader, Stonewall's Owner interviewed the Culinary Arts Students.  Mr.Bryon Wells,Wells Insurance, Ms.Michelle McBride, Bank Plus, and Ms.Katie Santiago, President of the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) interviewed the Marketing Students. Mr. Randy Morris, Physical Therapist (Encore) and Melissa Darden, RN (Poplarville School District) interviewed the Health Science Students.  Mr. William Baggett, Graphic Design (University of Southern Mississippi and Auburn) and Ms. Janet Kennedy, retired Chorus Teacher interviewed the Digital Media Technology Students.  Mr. Kermis Myrick, Horticulturist, Mr. Scott Langlois, Industrial Engineer (Thad Cochran Southern Horticulture Lab), and Mr. Alex Shook, Extension Agent (Mississippi State) interviewed the Agriculture, Environmental, Science, and Technology Students. We would like to extend a huge Thank You to these individuals for performing such a valuable service for our students.

CDC Ag Environmental Class Tours Plant

The Poplarville Agriculture Environmental Class toured the Pearl River Utility Authority's Waste Treatment Plant in Poplarville Wednesday, November 5, 2014.  Mr. Cliff Hodges gave the students a walking tour of the physical plant.  He was assisted by Cody Morris. Mr. Hodges explained to the students that the sewage treatment plant uses natural bacteria to break down the sewage before it returns to the environment. He also talked to the students about how technology makes the plant easier to monitor.

CDC Attendance Contest Winners Announced

The Winners of the CDC Attendance Contest from the last 2 weeks of October have been announced.  Students with perfect attendance from October 21-31 were placed in a drawing.  There were three drawings from each period.

Winners of lunch from the Hornet Grill: Blake Hines, Rachel Barras, Taylor Wells and Jacob Davis.

Winners of two snacks from the Hornet Store: Ariel Dunn, Devin Bonner, Brandan Allen and Gavin Necaise.

Winners of surprise bag of goodies: Jeremy Wilson, Brianna Prince, Dillan Kleyle and India Dedeaux.

Contest will continue with the first two weeks of November.

Culinary Arts Classes Experience Sugarcane

Mr. Russell Peters, a local businessman and avid gardener, spoke to the Poplarville CDC Culinary Arts Classes Monday, October 27, 2014.  Mr. Peters talked to the students about growing and processing sugarcane. He demonstrated how to plant and spoke about when it should be planted. Mr. Peters provided each student with an information sheet about different sugars and where sugar comes from.  Peters explained that this is the perfect time of year to grow sugar cane because it grows well in the south.  He brought two varieties of sugar cane to share with the students and for them to experience tasting. Many of the students had never tasted fresh cut sugarcane.  A few of the students had experienced eating sugarcane with their grandparents.

Health Science Students Perform Pumpkinectomies

Mrs. Thompson’s students performed pumpkinectomies Friday, October 24 in the CDC.  A pumpkinectomy gives students the opportunity to practice sterile techniques while performing surgery.  The students learned how to maintain a sterile field and how to properly put on and take off personal protective equipment.

Each class performed an appendectomy and a tonsillectomy on a pumpkin.  One pumpkin had Ebola.  The students had to properly put on personal protective equipment, gather information about the patient, begin surgery, complete surgery, properly remove personal protective equipment, and inform the pumpkin parent of how patient did during surgery.

After the pumpkinectomy was complete, students carved the pumpkins and placed them on the football field during Senior Night.

CDC Perfect Attendance Bonus

In an effort to help increase attendance in the Career Development Center, Dr. Cole has implemented a “Bonus” for perfect attendance.
Students must be present ALL day for a two week period.  Check-ins and check-outs will result in a disqualification.  After the two week interval, students with perfect attendance will be placed in a drawing per class period.  There will be three drawings from each period.  
  • 1st Prize- Delicious lunch from The Hornet Grill
  • 2nd Prize- Snack of choice from The Hornet Store
  • 3rd Prize- Door prize surprise

Round 1- October 20-31

Round 2- November 3-14

Growing Lunch

The Poplarville High School Career Development Center's five C.T.E. programs are working together on a container garden project.  
The project began with the Growing Lunch Grant through the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce.  The Agriculture Environmental Science and Technology students built the raised beds, mixed the potting soil, and filled the beds with the potting soil.  Culinary Arts students planted and are caring for the plants,will harvest and cook using the herbs and vegetables from the garden.  The Digital Media Technology students are making a video of the process. Health Science students are researching the health benefits of the herbs and vegetables, and the Marketing Class will market the excess herbs and vegetables to the school staff and community.  
This is an ongoing project and plans are being made to include winter vegetables and tomatoes in the greenhouse.

Wildlife Officer Speaks to Ag Environmental Class

Mr. John "Tank" Herring, wildlife officer, spoke to the Agriculture Environmental Science Class Thursday, September 4, 2012.  Officer Herring talked to the students about wildlife management and protecting the resources through the use of regulations such as bag limits and hunting seasons.  He also discussed preparing the habitat to enhance growth of wildlife, such as deer.

CDC Ag Goes to Workshops

The Poplarville Ag Environment and Ag Animals’ students participated in the Mississippi Soil Water Conservation District's Wildlife and Cogon Grass Workshop on Thursday, September 18, 2014.  The workshop was conducted at the Antlers & Wing Hunting Plantation.  Mr. Lance Middleton, MS. Soil and Water Conservationist and Mr. Barry Personney- NRSC/Biologist spoke to the students about Cogon Grass, an invasive species.  They talked to the students about different techniques in fighting Cogon Grass and preventing it from spreading. Mr. Justin Thayer, Wildlife Specialist/Biologist told the students about providing proper natural and supplementary food sources for deer.